Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kumbakonam Temples

The intent of this blog is to provide as many photos as possible with some details that I felt could be useful or unique. Enormous amount of info is available on all these places on the internet.

I found this site to be quite informative: and used it to decide on the temples to visit. I chose the places that are ancient,big and relatively less congested around Kumbakonam.

All the ones I chose provided ample photographic opportunity. I believe in 'One photo is worth million words'.So concentrated on sharing as many number of photos as possible. All temples are good and each has some specialty. But some temples create lasting impression in our mind and it varies from person to person. Photos will help identify the ones that suit one's taste.

Dates of visit - 28th Sep to 1 Oct 2010.
The temples that I visited in Kumbakonam itself are Sarngapani Temple, Ramaswamy Temple,Kumbheswarar.

The other places/Temples will be  covered in separate blogs soon...! I hope to do it over this week end...!

 They are:
 Darasuram  ( Wonderful architecture and carvings...!)
 Thiruvalnchuzhi (Out of the world & Expansive...!)
 Thiruvidaimarudhur (Big & Ancient)
 Konerirajapuram (A long pending trip of mine...has the world's largest Nataraja statue...!)
 Oppiliappan temple
 Nachiar Koil ( Found this temple very special..!)
 Thirucherai ( Fantastic Statue...and a divine looking Bow..)
          ( Recently re-consecrated...Kumbhabishekam..Bright and beautiful..!)
 Tanjore Big temple ( Should I tell anything about this at all...!)

    They say every other street will show up a Kumbham (kept on top of the Temple Gopuram) and hence the name for the place...! How true it is...!

    Metal idols is one of the primary industries in Kumbakonam
    This , I snapped at a roadside shop

    Huge temple and  Deity.  The deity resembl
    es Srirangam Ranganathar, lying posture-lengthier than Ranganathar..! 

    This Ramar temple houses exquisite carvings on the granite pillars at the entrance mandapam of the temple. Each of the carving is a treat to watch...See for yourself..! 
    The whole ramayana is painted on the walls of the corridor.. Great looking paintings...!

    This is also a huge temple. I liked the elephant in this temple... an enterprising one.. I had the opportunity of seeing it drinking water from the tap.. I clicked a few snaps and took a short video... Will upload the video to youtube and update this blog.. you can view the photos here..!

    Videos Kumbeswarar Temple
    Don't miss the third video in this play list...!