Sunday, October 10, 2010


Saranatha Perumal temple.has a mirror room that houses the amours like bow...! Look gorgeous..!
Instead of the regular Abhaya hastham, the perumal here sports a Padma Hastham..

Thirucherai is one among 12 sthalas and is called as 'sarakshetharam'. This kshethram is supposed to be in existence even in the Dwabara yuga. It is said and believed that saints like Braghu, Sownagar, Vyasar, Margendeyar
live in the banks of this pushkarani.

After more than 1000 years of thapus, Lord appeared before Goddess Kaveri and blessed her with following:
a. She will be equal to ganga in southern part of vindya,
b. He will stay at this Kshethram for ever and bless all those who visit
this place.

Also, Saint Markendeya attained moksham in this place.

The presiding daity is lord Saranatha with Sri Devi, Boo Devi, Neela Devi, Lakshmi and Saranayaki Thayar. The sthalam is known as Pancha Sara kshethram with Sara nayaki, Sararnathan, Sara Vimanam, Sara Pushparani. 

Lord Saranatha is in Standing Posture with sangu, chakram, gadhai and lotus in his hands.

Out of 108 vaishnava stalams, only in this kshethram, Rathotsavan is celebrated on the Makara Pushyam day (Thai Poosham) in tune with the day on which lord appeared before kaveri and blessed her. There are other sannathis
like Sri Ramar, Rajagopalan and moolasthanam for all alwars.

Uppiliappan Koil, Nachiar Koil and Thirucherai are quite close to each other.

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