Sunday, October 10, 2010


This is a very special place.The Sivan temple here houses one of the most ancient idols of Nataraja. World's largest Nataraja idol...! The Panchaloga idol was supposed to have been a Swayambu as per the Temple Priest..!
One of the exquisite idols I have ever seen. Absolutely life-like...divine...and out of the world... you have to see it to believe...!

The story is something like
" A Chola king ordered his sthapahi to make a Nataraja idol of 8 ft.. The sthapathi could not make one.. He could make only 3 ft idol...Finally the King gave an ultimatum and said would kill him, if doesn't finish the project in a couple of days or so. God, heeding to the prayers of sthapathi, materialized himself in the form of this idol..."

I had known about this idol for long... but could not visit this obscure village so long... Finally I made it..and I am glad that I visited. I would go there again for sure..!

Travel Directions:
 From Kumbakonam take bus A22. By car or auto take the Thirunageswaran road which goes to Karaikal. At S. Pudur take the right turn which has fields on either side. After about 1-2km there is a road on the left just after a bus stop. This road leads to Konerirajapuram.

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