Sunday, October 10, 2010


is 5kms from Kumbakonam. The temple is on a small hillock.
There is a hotel called Mami;s Mess near the temple. You get delicious south indian food here. Homely and authentic taste. They also have accommodation at nominal rates..! I am planning to stay here during my next trip..!

Thiruvalanchuzhi and Patteeswaram are quite near to this place..!

                            Kumbakonam Temples >>>>

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  1. So many photos. you have taken photos from the terrace of the temple too. Do they allow photography there? I loved the pictures with parrots.

  2. So many photos-I snap as many as possible-One doesn't which angle turns out good..and represent the actual scene..!
    mmm...! it is not from the terrace..From the I floor (Near the praharam) there is a grill gate towards the terrace... I pointed the lens thru the grill and snapped. A few I could snap keeping the camera over the wall of the terrace...(My 6'1" height helped me there..!)
    You need to get to there to understand what I mean... It is difficult to explain in writing..!

    BTW, Thanks for looking Chitra..I appreciate your patience..

  3. I don't think ,I would strain like you do. A few snaps satisfy me and most of the time we rush from one temple to the other as we want to make most of our visits.

    BTW I had spend real 1 - 11/2 hrs.. going thru' your blog as you had posted so many at one go :)

  4. I mostly use these blogs to recount on my trip at a later point of time. I also normally post as many photos as possible so that it gives a good idea
    Sorry, if it takes so long... Should I reduce the numbers... I find it too time consuming to select photos from the lot.
    Trust your having to spend 1-1/2 hrs is more in positive sense than a complaint...!(lol)

  5. Sridharan,
    Not a complaint, do not mistake me. This is my favourite subject. I appreciate your patience. When I saw all pictures together I just sat thru' the whole thing. keep up the good work. Any time I can also come back and check. Let this be your blog identity. The videos are an added attraction.

  6. I join Chitra. Its unfair on your part. So much payasam in one go!

  7. You are being very Kind..PNS..! Thanks for your nice words...!


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