Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pachchaivanna-Perumal & Pavalavanna Perumal

Date of Visit :
23-Oct-10 (Sat)

Where (Location)
Near Big Kanchipuram bus stand in Kalender St. Both temples are close to each other

What is special about this place :
Both these temples put together constitute one of 108 Divya Desama

Camera :
No body objected to pictures as long as they are outside. But no official tickets.  

What did I like of this place :
Small & Beutiful
The Thayar Sannidhi at the Pavalavanna perumal temple has some colorful paintings at the roof… I also liked the narrow praharam…! See the photographs…!

Rating : Good
 Note on the Rating :
 The rating is in my opinion and may vary from person to person. The factors that I consider for my rating includes being ancient, architecture/Sculpture, Serenity of the place, Spiritual significance (reference in scriptures…etc), Enormity /Size/Magnitude.

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