Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amarnath Yatra

AUM Namashivaya...!

My Amarnath Yatra & the Key People

My Amarnath Yatra could materialize because of these two Rams without whom, I would not have had the greatest opportunity of my life....Having Dharshan of Amarnath..! I should be thanking Ramaswamy and Rammohan for my life for leading me to the divine presence..! Thanking them is too trivial and inadequate for the service they have rendered to me and to hundreds of their friends...! Whenever I remember Amarnath , my hands fold of my reverence to Lord Shiva - and of my fond memories of these Rams to offer my Namaskarams..!

Ramaswamy, one of my neighbours and best friends, has the distinction of having visited Amarnath a number of times, is an integral part of the team that manages the Amarnath trip and plays a key role. Each time he would visit, I used to tell him I would join him the next time...Finally he booked my tickets this year and I could make it because of his patient perseverance with me..!.

Rammohan has been coordinating the Amarnath trip for years now and his knowledge on Amarnath is vast.His tour management ability is impeccable and second to none. He has meticulously planned all aspects of the tour that we did not feel the stress of the long and arduous journey even for a minute..! He has planned and been carrying all ingredients needed for south indian delicacies so carefully that we felt as if we were eating every meal at home...! He has been playing the role of mother Annapurani so well that we were provided dinner in the train on our return..! By the way ,tourism is not his profession- Rammohan has been coordinating the Amarnath Yatra for years as a service without any expectation in return- in fact, I am sure, he spends from his pocket during the tour..!

May God bless them with long life and prosperity...!

Ramaswamy & Rammohan

The Yatra

Enormous amount of information is present on the internet. So I don't intend repeating the same in this blog.
I find  this link giving some interesting details about Amarnath Yatra.

The purpose of this series of blog posts is to share the photos and videos of the trip, JuL 8-Jul 19 2013.
Each of the links below will open up a new page/post that contains Photos and videos. These links will be activated as I make a corresponding post progressively in the next few days.

Enjoy the virtual tour and do drop a line to me as to what you feel about them.!

  1. The trek to Amarnath
  2. Baltal base camp
  3. Lungers
  4. Sonmarg
  5. Chinthpurni
  6. Jwalamukhi
  7. Vajreshvari
  8. Chamunda
  9. Trilokinath
  10. Vaishnodevi
  11. Srinagar Dal lake & Sri Adhi ankara Temple
  12. Srinagar Moghul Gardens
  13. Jammu
  14. Himalayas
  15. Amarnath on the way
  16. Kandelval Gujarath Guest house


    1. Wow! Cant wait for all those links to be activated! Would wait eagerly to visit each of those...
      And God bless such souls who work selflessly for others...

    2. Thanks Arti for stopping by. I have activated the first link already.

    3. Wow , great. Duo look wonderful .

    4. Thanks for stopping by TGS.. Yes..they are indeed wonderful..!

    5. Hi Sridharan

      Can you share Mr.ramaswamy or Mr Rammohan's number.I am planning a trip this year to Amarnath. I too write a blog hope you find it useful.



    6. This is very useful information on amarnath yatra 2013thank you for sharing with us .Most of travelers for amaranth like to darshan with amarnath yatra 2013 and also exploring the unseen beauty of Kashmir.


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