Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Srinagar - Dal Lake, Sri Shankara Temple

Srinagar needs no introduction. We visited Dal Lake, Sri Adhi Shankara Temple (Camera not allowed inside) and Mughal Garden.

This wikipedia link gives more information.
Sri Adhi Shankara Temple

Shankaracharya Temple, assumed to be built by Jaluka, the son of Emperor Ashoka around 200 BC, is an ancient shrine located on the mount Shankaracharya Hill (Takht-e-Suleiman) in Srinagar. This site, situated at a height of about 1100 feet above the city,on a hill,  is believed to be a sacred one and offers splendid view of the down valley and the snowy mountains of the Pir Panjal range. Local folks tell a story that saint Shankaracharya spent some of his time at this site during his visit to Kashmir to revitalize Sanatan Dharma.

There is a cave where Adhi Shankara meditated.
For security reason camera is not allowed here. I took a few snaps enroute.

For more interesting details on this temple click on the wikipedia link here.

Adhi Shankara temple on the hill from the entrance of the Hotel..

This is as far as I could zoom in..

This hill also has a small  military watch tower and is highly gaurded..We had a Tamilian Jawan who posed with us..!

Some Bhel puri after return..

Dal Lake

The lake covers an area of 18 square kilometres (6.9 sq mi) and is part of a natural wetland which covers 21.1 square kilometres (8.1 sq mi), including its floating gardens. ...
...... More on this huge lake here..

Seeing this , We also embarked on a boat ride..But went to choose a peaceful corner..! There are many boating corners along the shore of the lake..!

You thought only Ships float on water... You are wrong..Shops too do..!






  1. Stunning captures. The Adi Shankaracharya Temple looks ancient and beautiful.
    The Dal lake captures are lovely, loved them all:)

  2. Fantastic captures, Sridharan! I do so love the trips you take us on and what a gorgeous, ancient temple!! And, like Arti, I love the Dal Lake captures, too! Thank you as always for sharing the beauty and history of your country!


  3. Dal lake views are mind bogging. Even the zoomed in picture of the Shankaracharya shrine looks grand. I wanted to learn about its architecture.

  4. शिकारे पर सैर व खरीदारी एक अलग अनुभव है, जिसे मैंने रात के समय में भी देखा है।

  5. Thanks for such a wonderful snap shot of your travels. Your Wikipedia link may indeed offer more information but there images cannot compare with these.

  6. जाट देवता (संदीप पवाँर)

    Shopping on the water is definitely a unique experience ..!

  7. Thanks Petty.. I agree with you that a picture is worth a 100 words..!

  8. So many temples in your country and they are all stunning (even if we can't see them!).
    Being by the lake seemed to have been quite a good outing as well, a way to relax afterwards...

  9. Thanks DeeBee..Indeed there are thousands of temples in India. Most of them are peaceful and relaxing. I like the ones that are on riverbeds and hills, they are really soothing to be in..!

  10. Temples are one of my favorite places in India. The quiet ones hidden deep in little villages are my most favorite. Love the pictures.

  11. I was about to tell you that the blog template and the color schemes chosen by you, though looks nice, but it takes quite some time for loading. For my desktop it appears to be resource hungry.

  12. PNS ,
    I guess, it is because the large number of photos.. I will try and split the posts.
    Thanks for the inputs.!

  13. Ah...so nice to see Kashmir, and to think of it a colleague from office is there on work!!!

    Reading your post refreshed my mind about my trip...something I need to blog about sooner rather than later...

    p.s. Do share your experiences as well, some stories from the place and so on. I would love to hear them.

  14. Awesome photos...

    nicely captured...

    my new post on Onam 2011 celebration

  15. Wonderful place. That sunset shot is amazing.

  16. Liked the temple a lot, really centuries old..
    Loved the shops on the boat...

  17. I'll do Sid.. The problem is that I get to pulish the posts quite a while later and I do forget ... I will keep notes from now on..!

  18. Thanks Rajesh.. I too was pleased with that shot.. I wish I carried my DSLR ..!

  19. Thanks Chitra.. It was a different shopping experience..!

  20. Stopping by to say hello, I've enjoyed seeing these photos again.

  21. Sridharan hi
    Great photos and lovely smile people!!!
    Best regards


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