Wednesday, August 3, 2011


One of the Shakthi Peets, Chintpurni is a very popular pilgrim center in Himachal. For more details please visit this Wikipedia link.
I can't forget the delicious breakfast that Mr Rammohan arranged (Cooked rather..!) in record time for 100+ people..!

Interesting shops all the way lead up to the temple..!

 We are inside the temple now...!

These folks belonged to our group...Believe me .. looks are deceptive..they are far from being as calm as this elsewhere ..!

Ram was caring enough to capture me ..!

This delicious milk sweet caught my attention on my way up the temple..(did I say that the remple is on a hillock)...People buy this and offer to the Goddess and then distribute to devotees...I remembered to stop by at a shop to have some on my way back from the temple...Really good it tasted..!