Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baltal Base Camp

Baltal and Pehalham are the two base locations from where the trek to Amarnath can start. Baltal is short (14kms), but harder while Pehalham is longer(45kms) and takes longer.

We took the Baltal route. For more details follow this link.

There are numerous tented accommodation to choose from. We stayed overnight in one of the tents before commencing our Amarnath trek the next morning. We also stayed overnight here after the trek before commencing our return journey back to Srinagar.

Chopper service is available from Baltal till Sangam (3kms from Amarnath). I understand a few years back the choppers use to take pilgrims right near the Amarnath Cave. Due to environmental factors causing Ice Lingam to melt, they have stopped Choppers well below the cave. The irony is that the last 3km trek is the most difficult!

I managed some decent shots and video of the chopper.

WIth my friend Ramaswamy 

Warm enough to pose for me.!

Ice cold outside.. But the warmth of the co-tourists keeps them out!

There seem to be more vehicles than are men here?

I definitely got his attention..didn't I?

Crystal water is too cold to take a dip..!


Baltal Base camp


Baltal Base camp

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