Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vajreshvari Temple

The temple of Vajreshvari is located in the town of NagarkotKangra districtHimachal PradeshIndia and is 11 km away from the nearest railway station of Kangra. The Kangra Fort is situated nearby. Its location on a mountain near Chamunda Devi temple, is 16 km from Nagarkot.

More details of this temple originally believed to have been built by Pandavas during Mahabharatha time can be read from the wikipedia link here. 

Please bear with the excessive number of photos...they are needed to give the true ambiance of the place..!
But , haven't I spared you the trouble of reading excessive text? (lol)!

People think leaving the foot print in the temple is not good..and hence ...

Wish fulfilling tree..

Colorful roof top from within..!

Some shops on my way back..!

Made of dried coconut pulp..!

To counter the scorching hot sun, we helped ourselves with some traditional ice cones..!

So Hungry we were that we started our lunch in the reverse order...Some deserts & Sweet followed by the snacks..!

Enough of snacks... time to rush for a proper lunch...!





  1. Fabulous captures, gives such a feel of the place...
    Loved the colorful ceiling, the beautiful temple and the gola and the seemingly delicious foods!!!
    Have a great week ahead:)

  2. These are without a doubt some of your most superb photos ever, Sridharan! The clarity, the depth and brilliance of the colors and your composition! Not to mention the food looks delicious! A breathtaking tour indeed! Enjoy your week!


  3. Beautiful shots of temple and surroundings. The paintings are very nice.

  4. The pictures are really colourful, bright and some goodies are too inviting....Love this tour.

  5. Great! I like this virtual tour.

  6. Absolutely splendid photos Sridharan, I'm enjoying seeing all these photos, so colourful and detailed...is there a sort of Wish Tree among them?

  7. Thanks all for the nice words..!

  8. Yes..DeeBee..It is a Wish Tree.

  9. Amazing photos. Please don't worry about too much photos! When it comes to photgraphs - the more, the merrier :-)

  10. Thanks Ash..It is that sometimes it takes long to load the pictures when they are more..Well as you said, otherwise it is merrier...Will probably split such posts into many..!

  11. Thanks Bhushavali..Hand print is another custom to draw the attention of the almighty to our wishes, I guess..!

  12. I want to eat Jalebi now! What a colorful set of pictures, thoroughly enjoyed looking at them.


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