Monday, March 21, 2011

Mysore and around Part 20 - Wrapped up..!

Date of the Tour : Feb 2011

In the previous post we saw places around Mysore...
Let me end this series with Mysore places of interest..! 

(The hyperlink below each collage will take you to the corresponding post! I've now added hyper links to the  previous post too)



Wax Museum

Sandal Products Shoppe

St. Philomina Church

This is where I ate..!

This is where I stayed..!  

This is where I roamed around..!

This is how I traveled to Mysore..!

They are the ones who made my trip enjoyable..!

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I enjoyed bringing this to you..and hope you enjoyed it too..!
Bye for now....!


  1. Oh, such a marvelous trip that you have shared with us, Sridharan! I feel as though I have visited a beautiful, historical part of your country, I feel as though I have met your family and traveled with all of you! What a delight! Hope you take us on another trip soon! Have a great week!


  2. Wow ! nice way of wrapping the amazing trip .

  3. Glad you liked Sylvia.. I enjoyed travelling through this virtual tour with you all.. Have a great week you too..!

  4. WOW!!! I think I finally found someone who takes more photos than I do!! What a great job sharing with us!!

  5. Such a wonderful round up of your trip, loved every bit of it... The collages are just an awesome idea, they give a true picture of the whole trip!!!

  6. You had a wonderful trip and your picture mosaics are amazing.

  7. Thanks bettyl..! I do believe that pictures convey more than what one's writings can do..and am glad you liked them..!

  8. Thanks Arti.. I agree with you that collages convey the place/theme in a nutshell..!

  9. Thanks Rajesh..! I did have a great trip and I always enjoyed touring Karnataka..There is still lot more to cover!

  10. Great trip summed up so well.
    I liked your style of presentation. :)

  11. One word - WOW!!!
    Oh,and did I tell you I just love Mysore Pak ??

    My lovely parents often send me a box of it to England :-)

  12. My favorite places in Mysore are the Philomina church and of course the Mysore Palace. Also the museum with Ravi Verma's original paintings on display...

    It was so good to see the pictures and be reminded of Mysore once again :)

  13. That's a great way of wrapping up a tour!!!
    Lovely pics!!!
    And answering your ques in my blog, yeah, Veera Anjaneyar & Kodhandaramar temple are one & the same!!!
    Exploring Chengalpet
    Fashion Panache - Patiala Salwar Bottoms

  14. Thanks Ash.. I too love the Mysore Pak.My wife makes unbelievably delicious mysore pak ..!

  15. Thanks Sid.. I did visit the Museum last time in 2008. Great place indeed.. Pity they don't allow camera inside!

  16. Thanks Bhusha.. We were living in Chengalpattu for a while when I was a school boy (II Grade!), about 45yrs back! Would love to visit that temple !

  17. Very good collages. You made the virtual tour enjoyable for us too.


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