Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mysore and around - Part 5 - Sandal factory

Mysore is famous for sandal and sandal wood work. The auto drivers will goad you into visiting the so called factory of sandal wood works..a small complex on two floors..!
I visited it and told the owner, I would consider some purchase, if my camera is allowed to open its eye..! The shop owner agreed, but for one area where some great finished products were kept.. But I insisted on photographing that area also.. and goaded him into agreeing..!

I liked what all I saw in that small place..!  ... Hope you like them too..!

The hall that he refused permission to photography..But agreed finally..! it is a tactic that they follow to make you buy something..!
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  1. Great photos.Loved the beautiful statutes and paintings in the shop.

  2. What an incredible place and such superb art work/paintings/sculpture! I'm so glad you were able to persuade the owner to let you take photos because they're gorgeous as always, Sridharan!! Thank you, as always, for sharing the beauty with us!! Hope you're enjoying a lovely evening!


  3. It's good that you managed to take photos to show us! Well done...

  4. Thanks Chitra..You may like to visit this factory (shop in fact..!) next time you happen to be in Mysore

  5. Thanks Sylvia..Have a nice evening you too!

  6. DeeBee ,
    Yes.. I just manged these photos as it was really challenging to capture the details in an evening indoors,as the shop owner kept cribbing about flash. Moreover, as you know,flash of a compact cam has a limited range of reach.. I am glad at how these photos turned out in the end.! It was the case at the wax museum as well.!


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