Friday, March 4, 2011

Mysore and around - Part 6 - Mysore miscellany

This post kind of concludes what I experienced in Mysore..We are going to move to places around Mysore from next post on...before doing so, I am sure, you will enjoy these..!

Mysore by Shatabdhi

Rail travel is enjoyable spite of other faster modes of travel. The travel on a Shathabdi definitely is enjoyable, more so, because you get fed with something or other every hour. The quality of food served in Shathabdi is far better than what you normally get in other trains, though the sufficiency of quantity may be questionable..!

This historical city still holds some of the curios of olden days- for some to get nostalgic and for some to get curious about..!

Who said I can't sleep standing..!
 wanted to take a ride...But couldn't...

The numerous colorful hotels will greet you almost every where..

One can find something or the other interesting to pickup from these shops...!

He was too happy to oblige me with a couple of snaps of his great hair-do that he was proud of and that I liked a lot..!

When you stay in any place beyond a day or two, the primary factor that affects one's enjoyment positively or negatively is the food...!
I know the famous Dasaprakash is head quartered in Mysore. So I made it a point to dine there a couple of times .. Some decent authentic south Indian snacks will definitely please your taste buds..!

Idly and Vada


I had nothing to do till my order arrived...So I snapped this menu card..

I have heard that the rooms at Dasaprakash are quite spacious and oriental..I could never get reservations there on both the occasions, I visited...!

Karnataka, especially Mysore is famous for Set-Dosa- a form of dosa that is thick but soft. I make it a point to eat it every time I visit Bangalore or Mysore.. But the authenticity and taste is slowly diminishing these days.

I was looking for an authentic south indian eat-out, the name board Mylari rang a bell in my mind.. Haven't I read this name ?. I stepped in to this very small inconspicuous restaurant only to discover one of the most delicious dosas I ever had in my life..! Too soft to believe..with some butter smeared on it and with the uncommon masala to go with, it is something unique...!
It tasted great... more so for me... because of the pats on the back I got from my son and wife for my uncanny knack to spot great eat-outs..! We visited it many a times during our stay there and enjoyed the marvelous dosa from this 62 year old restaurant..!

I came back to google this restaurant and found this useful link

Wiki travel also refers this restaurant.

Mylari serves only these deliciously super-soft Dosas..!
Next we will visit  Belur,Halebid and Shravanabelagola soon..Till then keep munching these delicious Mylari Mysore Masala Dosas..!

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  1. Very beautiful post, the collage, the night shots all are amazing!
    But the dosa on banana leaves takes the cake for me!

  2. Cannot wait to reach India and try those idlis!

  3. What a delightful tour for the day! And I love to travel by train! This one looks like a great one. I haven't been awake long, haven't eaten yet, so the dosa looks fantastic! Wonderful way to start my day as always, Sridharan! Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Another interesting journey you share with us!

  5. lovely , MMD is just wonderful .

  6. Thanks all for stopping by and caring to make such wonderful comments..!

  7. I am reading your posts in the descending order. Still I am reading and enjoying them.

  8. Thanks Chitra for caring to comment after stopping by the blog!


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