Monday, February 28, 2011

Mysore and Around Part 2 - Mysore Zoo

I was goaded by one of my friends that I should visit Mysore Zoo.. I am not disappointed to have headed to his advice. I got some good photographs of the beautiful big cat..I did shoot a few video clips as well that I recommend you not to miss..

Established in 1892 by the King of Mysore and is named after him as Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens.
They have a novel scheme for conservation of animals. One can sponsor an animal. Read this interesting article here. If you want to know more about the evolution of Zoo, check-out this interesting link.

 I chose the battery I thought would have struggled taking the long walk at 3pm ,quite sunny..The charges for this cart is Rs 80/- per person. However, I took another walking session to cover some of the wild animals ... Tiger and Lion in particular ..!

My son was adequately protected against sun..

Kids enjoy these cars..
I have always felt like touching the black & white striped silken body of this gorgeous beast..! But this is how he refused me the permission..! He wants to be the one wagging the tail and not me..!

He too basks..
In case the following is not readable-Lone Gorilla in South Asia..!

I can't stand the sight of this guy (Sorry..!) , But I could not resist shooting this interesting photo opportunity he provided in the form of the following sequence of him speeding in from his den..! 

Just rushing out..

Can you see the puff of dust..He is spearing in..

While I feel repulsive about the big Rhino, I am always enchanted by this long fellow..rather tall fellow..!

Well it is time for the Royals of the Jungle..the Queen and the King.!  

Some interesting facts about the Tigers
  • Tigers normally attack from behind. So, sometimes masks of human faces are worn on the back of the head. This effectively make both sides of the wearer appear to be the front, deterring attacks from tigers which normally attack from behind as said earlier.
  • The demand for tiger bone in traditional Chinese medicine is also another cause for pushing its extinction
  • A Tiger can eat as much as 46pounds of meat at one sitting. Several days may pass before they are hungry enough to hunt again. Aren't they better than the humans in this aspect?

I was second time lucky that day.. the big cat also gave me a sequence .!

He rushed from the lawn towards his den

Inspected something..

Turned back &

headed towards me..!

Why don't you come inside , if you dare..!

Dont miss the first video of the big cat in video section..

If the queen is beautiful and restless , the King is majestic and composed..!

He doesn't like shooting.. !
Disgusted at his inability to do anything  about my shooting..

He regains composure..! Let me better get away from this place..!

Well as said earlier,I had to take the walk finally to shoot these the battery car did not provide enough time for leisurely shooting.. I just needed some rest after the strenuous shooting session..! I am relaxing away from the beasts ..!

More PHOTOS in this slide show..


Close encounter of some kind.. ! (She will never be kind outside her cage ..!) 
thanks to my son who kept drawing her attention towards us...!

Full Set of Tiger Videos
(There are number of videos below. Please ignore the first video if you have watched the above)

Well, if you are like me who likes to watch these big cats and the silky Zeebs and Giraffes   in full screen with some music to go with you go..!

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  1. Seems you had a nice trip.
    Lovely pictures especially those of Royal Bengal tiger

  2. Loved the post... Just awesome pics, they seem to from so close... Didn't you see the huge tortoise there, it was there some 10 years ago when I had visited the place, they told that it was 150 years old!!
    Have a wonderful week:-)

  3. Zoos are wonderful places, so it's good to take a break and seeing animals.
    I have a fascination for tigers, they are wonderful cats.
    This one is superb!

  4. I have such mixed feelings about zoos here in England as most of the times the animals look bored or, worse still, depressed. Here the animals look contented.

  5. What a delight, Sridharan! I love all the animals and your captures are awesome. I, too, hate to see animals caged, but your zoo is very much like ours here, lots of open area, fewer cages and even fewer small ones. I feel that zoos are necessary if we're going to save these magnificent creatures for our children/grandchildren. I love the big mouth on the lion -- my kids would probably say it's because it is almost as big as mine!! Thank you for a wonderful visit! You have a very handsome son! May you both have a wonderful week!


  6. Just wonderful pics , but you have mentioned Rhino has Hippo .

  7. Thanks Chitra..I had a nice trip indeed, the Zoo was kind of filler decided in the last minute on my way back..The tiger is always beautiful for me too.

  8. Thanks Arti..They were relatively closer. At Chennai zoo one can hardly have a good look of the tiger that would be wandering far away.. I don't remember to have seen tortoise..or did I miss it?.

  9. Thanks DeeBee.. Tigers are fascinating indeed. Sometimes ferocity is beautiful too.

  10. Thanks Petty for stopping by.. Interesting observation, it is the case back in India too.. This zoo is an exception..! had a set of animated animals and looked contended indeed as you observed.

  11. Thanks for your kind comments have a good sense of humor and your kids too (lol)..!

  12. Thanks for the correction TGS, I have corrected it now. They both are huge and ugly (lol).. hence the confusion probably..

  13. Majestic creatures, hope they are looked after well.

  14. Nice photographs of mysore trip, i enjoyed the sandlewood showroom photos along with the animals in the zoo......KEEP posting. check out my blogspot

  15. Thanks Indrani.. Yes..looks like..!

  16. Thanks Umesh for stopping by.. You've got a nice blog that I am following.!


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