Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mysore and around Part 1

Date Visited : 10-Feb to 13-Feb-2011

Well..! TGS you guessed it right..! From your comments "I hope it is not Mysore ...", I guess, you might be disappointed to know the place is Mysore and around. But I will try my best to alleviate your disappointment with some good pictures and coverage of places aside from Mysore..! I still will not be able to assure you that the list of places include one that you may not have visited...You hailing from Karnataka is not my fault......(lol)!

This is my third visit of Mysore...Second in recent last visit being in 2008.  The places like Chamundi Hills, Brindavan Gardens,Balmuri falls,Srirangapatna,Rangan thittu bird Sanctuary,Nanjangud  are some of the places, I covered during my second visit in 2008 which was chronicled earlier here. My first visit was some 20 years back when I remember visiting the Palace and Zoo only.
In both visits, I have missed palace illumination. So, I made it a point not to miss it this time and I did accomplish this agenda successfully..! Some proof of this can be found below..! Cameras are not allowed inside the palace.. A pity indeed..!

Mysore details can be seen in Wikipedia and Wiki travel.
I stayed at Hotel Siddhartha (closer to the palace). They have a website at
The rooms are good & clean.

Let's now see some of the photos of this grand palace..!

The Entrance

The view of the temple within from outside

Nice arch adds to the elegance

The temple within the palace complex

My son Krishna with palace in the background

As light kept fading, the diffused illumination makes this structure awesome..!

With all peripheral lighting switched on ...

I camped in Mysore for three days and visited a few places in and around it and will write about them in subsequent posts.

The whole set of Photos

I am not a video buff, But sometimes the ambiance of some places are worth recollecting through video.. So I keep shooting short clips...You may like some of the clips... So, if you have a few minutes and interest, please watch..there are some closeups of the palace..... 

(Click on the player and hover over the thumb nails to see the file name that is self explanatory )

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  1. Absolutely beautiful... I have been to Mysore a couple of times and the palace is so grand... But the might they makes it much more beautiful...
    And I just love the vrindavan gardens, its magnificent!

  2. Thanks for those wonderful comments , To be frank I have stayed in Mysore for 2 full years. Just one time , I have been to Palace that too when my boss forced me to do so . Most of the time i saw lit palace from Chamundi Hills , just awesome view . That was only weekend hangout . If you are great fan Bisi Bele Bath, than Siddratha is the right place . Awesome BB bath ,i just love it .

  3. Thanks Arti.. Brindavan Gardens is indeed magnificent. I skipped it this time as I have visited it a couple of occasions earlier.

  4. TGS , Mysore is an interesting place to live in.But, I understand that the whether is getting hotter there as well every year. I did not have an occasion to eat at Siddhartha.. I didn't know about the Bisibela bath.. Yes.. I love Bisi Bele Bath, who will not?. But I am not all that disappointed as my wife makes Bisi Bele Bath extra-ordinarily well..that almost carries the authenticity of Karnataka.. I said almost.. because she is not a Kannadiga.. otherwise it is too good..!
    I will remember this info abt Siddhartha and will convey it to my friends who are likely to stay there..and will try out myself the next time.. thanks for the info..!

  5. Beautiful shots of the palace. I have been here several times. Yet I feel that one more visit is required.

  6. Thanks Rajesh. True, I already started feeling that I should visit the palace for some daylight shots outside this magnificent building.

  7. These are all absolutely breathtaking and awesome! What a gorgeous place Mysore is and how I would love to visit there! But fortunately I do have your pics and they're the next best thing! Such a delightful way to begin my day! And, I might add that your son is a very handsome young man. Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!


  8. Thanks Sylvia for your nice words..My son will be thrilled of your comments..when I pass them on to him.

  9. I went there ages ago. Now remembering with your post. Love the lightings!!!
    Parappalaru Falls - A picture Album

  10. Really beautiful. The evening photos are amazing.

  11. Thanks Bhushavali for stopping by..the lighting especially the diffused one was great.

    Thanks Chitra..the actual scene was amazing too!


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