Saturday, September 9, 2017

Krishna Janma Bhoomi - Braj

This post covers the place where Krishna lived during His childhood. Nothing much to show as Photographs of Matura as camera is not allowed in the Krishna Janma Bhoomi temple in Mathura.

There are several temples in Brindavan and Gokul the photo tour of those are covered covered in detail below.



Krishna lived here from the age of eight to sixteen. Nanda Maharaja built his house on top of the large hill to protect Krishna from the demons King Kamsa sent to kill him. The Nandagram Temple is on top of the hill. There are two black marble Deities of Krishna and Balarama in this temple. On the side altar there is a Siva-linga called Nandeswar, who is said to have been installed by Vajranabha.

At the bottom of the hill is a Narasimha Temple. Nanda Maharaja worshiped the Narasimha and Varaha Deities that are seen in this temple. Close to this place is a yogurt pot used by mother Yasoda. One hundred fifty metres from the Narasimha Temple is Yasoda Kund. Mother Yasoda would bathe Krishna here.

Nandagram is 50km northwest of the town of Vrindavan. The panda guides here are very persistent. If you talk to any of them or take anything from them, you should expect to give a donation.


Govardhan Giri, Mount Govardhan is a very sacred hill near Vrindavan which Lord Krishna lifted to protect all the lives from the torrential rains of Indra.

ISKCON Brindavan

Kaliya Ghat

Kaliya ghat or Kalideh is the place on the banks of river Yamuna where Lord Krishna during his childhood pastimes in Vrindavan subdued a poisonous serpent Kaliya Nag. .. More here...