Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mamallapuram Part 6 : Rayar Gopuram & Ramanuja Mandapam

This unfinished structure of Rayar Gopuram is simply breath taking..! What would it have been, had it been completed..! Somehow, this captured my attention better than anything else. 

I couldn't photograph it in its entirety..I was too lethargic to get down to ground level..Split into two..What a fantastic art , this pillar is.. where Maha Vishnu's Dhasavataras  are sculpted..!

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Ramanuja Mandapam

Ramanuja Mandapam near Rayar Gopuram is simply superb too..!

It was originally dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple was given shape in 640 - 674 AD. Six coloumns laced with stone slabs make the front of the temple really stunning. The followers of Lord Vishnu destroyed the relica and set up Vishnu temple during the reign of Vijayanagara Empire...!.

Full Set of Photos

Musical Slide show of Rayar Gopuram and Ramanuja Mandapam

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  1. There is one question , how come at every place its incomplete i,e, Melukote , Tadapathri and this place . These structures are more or less similar and equally incomplete . Wonderful captures by you . So the virtual tour continues. .

  2. Another fantastic post, breathtaking captures and lovely music! What a wonderful way to begin my day! Thank you as always for sharing the beauty and history of your world, Sridharan! Have a lovely evening! Enjoy!


  3. Thanks TGS, I doubt if this structure has been started by Pallavas.. It looks more like Vijayanagara architecture. Is Melkote also incomplete, I visited Melkote Narasimhar temple on the hill. I guess, you mean the one downhill, that I couldn't visit.

  4. What a way to begin my day as well with some kind words.. Thanks Silvia.

  5. Loved the Rayapuam sculptures. I haven't gone inside. I got too exhausted after visiting other places. Anyway, my permanent residence being in Chennai and that too not too far away from Mahabalipuram, I can always make it.

  6. Chitra,
    You should visit this monument. You will enjoy it, I am sure..! You don't have to climb the Dasavadar Pillar..(lol)..!

  7. For sure its Vijayanagar architecture and exactly same at three places . Yes its down hill can be easily spotted from top of hill .

  8. Thanks TGS,
    I am at Mysore when I am writing this comment.
    I will try and visit the temple downhill this time. Your post is very informative. The wildlife sanctuary and the museum at Melkote are news to me, I would try to visit them as well.

  9. Beautiful shots of the place. I think, I missed Ramanuja Mandapam during my visit.

  10. Hello Sridharan,
    I keep seeing your comment on Magda's and other blogs and decided to visit you today...and I am so happy I did!
    Your photos are superb and your texts so interesting.
    It's a real pleasure discovering other places and their history.

  11. Thanks DeeBee for your kind words and following my blog.I just visited your blog and let me tell you that the feeling is mutual. You've got an awesome blog as well.

  12. Hello Sridharan,
    Thank you for your kind comment and for linking to my blog.
    I am really looking forward to read your next posts!
    Kind regards, DeeBee


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