Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mamallapuram Part 4 : Mahishasura Mardhini Mandapam

Mahishasura Mardhini Mandapam  can be called twin mandapams. The additional mandapam is on the rock itself at a height and contain exquisite carvings on the outer walls. To reach it, one has to climb the rock cut steps, which I understand ,served as a light house during the Pallava times.

This Mandapam is  just opposite to the present modern light house. It consists of three small shrines in the inner wall which is exactly the typical pattern of the Pallava art and architecture. On the northern wall, the battle between goddess Durga and the buffalo – headed demon, Mahishasura is beautifully inscribed Mahishasura symbolizes animal strength, ignorance and egoism to go with.

For More info :

You can also lie down and enjoy these sculptures..!
The view from the top is awesome..!

Do you see a small Mandapam on the distant rock...Zoomed into it below..!

Young climbing up to the top of the  light house and Not so young returning from there..!

Full Set of PHOTOS 

An areal view (VIDEO) from top of the Mahisha Mandapam - the old light house...!

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  1. I do so love and enjoy the tours you take us on to such magnificent, interesting parts of your world! Your photos are superb and really give one the feeling of having been there in person! Thank you for the one today! Have a wonderful week!


  2. the view from top of light house is magnificent ...... virtual tour continued......

  3. Loved the view from the top of the Mandapam. Haven't seen this hence was a pleasure seeing the details thru' your camera. Loved the two kids who chose to rest on the rock.

  4. Glad you like this tour Sylvia... Thanks for your kind comments..

  5. Thanks TGS, The view was probably even better than what it looks thru video/photos of my limited abilities.

  6. The kids were in their own world that was probably much batter than the world of elders... It was quite an interesting sight..

  7. Thanks for stopping by Siddhartha..


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