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Mamallapuram - Part 3 : Krishna Mandapam,Butter ball Rock,Varaha & Trimurthy Cave

Krishna Mandapam is the largest of the mandapams at Mamallapuram and is dedicated to the Lord Krishna.

Krishna Mandapam contains relief carvings of Krishna lifting Mount Govardhan. The shallow cave is infused with warm light, bringing to life the villagers of Gokul huddled under the mountain.

According to legend, the Vedic Indra Dev feels offended by villagers for stopping their offerings to him, and lets loose a torrential storm deluging the village and endangering life. To save his kinsmen, Krishna lifts mount Govardhan offering respite to human and animal life, under its canopy.

In the first life-sized panel above , Krishna is depicted as easily supporting Govardhan on his left palm. He is joined by herdsmen and animals, predominantly cows under this mountain. You notice a father casually holding a child on this shoulders (right); gopis (cowmaids) bringing along their children and balancing pots.
Krishna’s raised hand lifting the mountain, touches the top of the cave and gives us the feeling that we too are standing alongside him, one with the herdsmen, under this mountain.


Krishna Mandapam Photos

Krishna Butter Ball Rock

This rock looks like butter ball ?
Krishna's Butterball is a giant natural rock perched on a hillside, seemingly in defiance of all laws of physics—it's a common sight to see visitors placing hands under the stone posing for pics, which looks as though they are holding it! The rock provides welcome shade if you dare to sit underneath it, and local kids have discovered that the slippery nearby hillside also makes a great natural slide.

Thimurthy Cave
 There are three each for Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva.

Trimurthi Cave

The rocky path leading upto this cave temple is beautiful..!

Rocky terrain leading to Trimurthy Cave

View the full set of Trimurthy Cave Photos below

Varaha Cave

Varaha Cave has four impressive carvings of Varaha, Triivikrama,Gakalakshmi and Durga.

Varaha Cave


Goddess Gajalakshmi 


I have always relished viewing photo slideshows with some soothing music..I did create a Musical slideshow (given below) and it might interest you..! I love this music..!

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