Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mamallapuram 7 : Sthalasayana Perumal Temple

The temple is one of the 108 Divyadesams. It is just next to Mamallapuram bus station.

This temple's origin dates back to 14th century when it was built by Vijayanagara emperors and renovated in 19th century.
 It is a small temple with two major Shrines for Lord Sthalasayana Perumal and Nilamangai Thayaar. This is the avatrasthalam(Birthplace) of Bhoothathazhwar, the 2nd Azhwar. There is also a separate shrine for Lord NarasimhaLord Vishnu is in a posture of lying down on the floor, much like Sri Ranganathar of Srirangam.

Has been glorified by sacred hymns by Azhvars-Great Saitns of Vaishnavism.
More details can be seen here and there is an interesting story here.

Don't miss the tasty Puliyoudharai prasadham sold at the stall here.. !

More PHOTOS of this colorful temple

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  1. I do so enjoy the wonderful visits you take us on through your superb photos! You do share the beauty of your country so perfectly through your captures! Awesome!


  2. Wonderfully captured by you ,How was your Mysore tour .

  3. I loved the chariot pictures.
    It is an important Vishnu temple and one among the 108 divya deshams.

  4. Beautiful photos Sridharan(as usual)...
    I like when ancient buildings, monuments and others are fully integrated in the modern town because we can enjoy them everyday...
    The sculptures of this temple are so intricate, detailed as in most indian buildings.
    It always makes me think of the anonymous artists who carved,sculpted, painted, created such beauty...
    Thanks for sharing, DeeBee

  5. Beautiful shots. The wooden carvings on the chariot are amazing.

  6. Thanks TGS for stopping by. Mysore trip was great, a bit hectic though. Will need some more time to sort out the photos&Videos before I venture into blogging soon. I did visit Melkote-Raya gopuram. I could not make it to the wild life sanctuary due to scarcity of time.

  7. Thanks Chitra.. Yes..it is one of the ancient temples, though small.

  8. Thanks for stopping by DeeBee..Interesting point you made .. it is true that ancient and modern co-exist in Mamallapuram. I like it too..I salute these faceless sculptors and their commitment..!

  9. Thanks Rajesh.. I guess the chariot is modern one; but a very good one though..!


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