Friday, March 18, 2011

Mysore and around Part 17 - Melkote Tanks

Date of Visit : Feb ' 2011

There are three temple tanks in Melkote Viz.. Kalyani Pushkarani and Akka Thangai Pushkarani(Twin ponds)
Pushkarani means temple tank/pond and Akka thangai means Sisters..!

Kalyani Pushkarani is huge having a small temple of its own..

One can imagine the magnitude of this tank from the huge surrounding mandapam..Count the pillars..!

Beutiful Mandapam

View of the hill temple from the tank..

Mother and son make a good pair.. Don't they?
Quite intently discussing..unaware of the spying lens..

One of the rare occasions that my son cared to stay "focussed" on us... (lol!) 

Let's go to the twin tanks-Sisters Ponds..

This is just a small pond ahead of sister Ponds..!

This pathway leads to the twin Ponds!

Here is Pond 1 and below the other..!

Carrying sacred water to bathe the God..!

A view from here as well..of the hill temple.!

Looks precarious..But seems to be so placed for ages..!

Melkote has several mutts .. Seen below is the building of Ahibila mutt. ..!


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  1. Another fantastic tour, Sridharan! I do feel as though I have been to all these incredible places with you and your family and that's made your post all the more fun! The pools are incredible and the temple sitting on the stone at the edge of that cliff really took my breath away! Thank you again for sharing the beauty and the history! Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!


  2. These ponds the hill temple are amazing...and what i like about your posts is that you seem to have such a good time visiting all these superb places with your family! It's lovely!
    Goo week-end to you all, DeeBee

  3. Stunning captures! Just so peaceful!

  4. Thanks Sylvia.. DeeBee..!
    Touring with family adds to the fun indeed...!

  5. Arti,
    Melkote still has some unexplored nature..It is one place, I will visit again only to stay there for a few days.. Peacefully set amidst nature!

  6. Nice pictures. The view of temple tower from below is beautiful.


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