Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mysore and around Part 16 - Melkote Rayar Gopuram

Raya gopura, which is also known as Gopalaraya entrance, is an incomplete structure leading to the hill. It has four tall pillars and has no tower above it. This looks to be an exact replica of Mamallapuram Rayar Gopuram.
This is also understood to be a famous film shooting spot. Scenes of the  popular Rajini hit Padayappa is said to be shot here.

Beautiful carvings and the slabs placed at the top evokes amazement..!

Exquisite carvings ..!

There are steps to get to the top..

This is how it is on the top..!

One can get a great view from the top..

Narasimhaswamy temple from the Raya Gopura

Trying to lure me on a hot day with Cucumber has worked and I just came down..!

Interesting place to spend an hour at least, if not more ..!

Some VIDEOS from above and at the Raya Gopura..!

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  1. Another fantastic tour to start my day! Amazing beauty, incredible structures! And it is delightful to see you enjoying all of this history with your family! Have a wonderful evening, Sridharan!


  2. lovely place ,now only tadpatri raja gopura is pending

  3. I love the place just from the pics :) Is this where the famous 'guru' song shot?

  4. Did you climb all the way up to the temple? the incomplete entrance resembles one in Mamalapuram like you have mentioned.

  5. Beautiful snaps. Nice place to visit.

  6. I'm running out of words of describe these marvellous photos and architecture.


  7. Thanks Sylvia...These structures are photographers delight..!

  8. Thanks Sid..Sorry, I am not sure about the guru song!

  9. Thanks for reminding Chitra.. Yes..I did climb up to the top..and I now included a few video clips that include some taken from the top..

  10. Yes this the same place where the song from the film Guru was shot


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