Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mysore and around Part 18 - Melkote Yoga Narasimhar Temple

Melkote has a beautifully set Narasimhaswamy temple on a hill.I visited this temple during my earlier trip to Mysore in 2008. I did not cover this in detail in my earlier post. Hence, It would be appropriate that I cover this temple along with other monuments of Melkote.

The hill has about 400 steps and there is a road to reach up to the mid point of this hill that covers 200 steps.
I went on foot to enjoy the climb.

Wikipedia says that Krishnaraja Wodeyar III presented a gold crown to this temple.

It was quite an impressive sight from the car..I stopped for a couple of snaps of these flowers!

The starting point of the climb..!

Though the climb was not hard..these mandapams on the way are enticing..!

The path is picturesque all the way..!

The climb was less strenuous because of the company we had all the way through..!

The path all the way was green and the view from the top was marvelous too..!

Kalyani Pushkarani as seen from the hill top..

What a view he is having.!..I held my breath when I saw him sitting there cool.. precariously on the slope..!

Comfortable view point to have an amazing view..!

We had to wait for the priest to arrive..that allowed me to take some aerial shots..(above) and the sculpting on the gopuram!

We asked the driver to bring the car to the mid point so that we climb down half the no of  steps..

On our return we spotted this beautiful lake/Pond and spent some time in the serene atmosphere..only to miss the Mysore Palace lighting that I caught up with on my next visit..!

It is me in 2008..!

Full Set of PHOTOS

VIDEOS - Don't miss these short clips with music.!

The Hill climb and the view from over the temple..!
Mysore-08-Melkote_Narasimhar-Video1 from Sridharan S on Vimeo.

Poolside with cool music..!

Mysore-08-Melkote_Narasimhar-Video2 from Sridharan S on Vimeo.

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