Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mysore and around Part 12 Talakad - Kaveri River

There is a separate route to get to the Kaveri river bed. One has to pay some toll to enter this place.

This place has its own shops and small eat-outs

Having tried it for a few steps..he was not confident of the strength of the steps and decides to stay down

Who said you need to know rowing for boating..!

12 noon ..What a time for sunbath!

Being in water always, this fella needs the sun-basking more than anybody else!

The trees at the bank add to the beauty and a perfect place to relax after a vigorous swimming session.

We didn't have enough time either for swimming..or for relaxing under the trees.He seemed to have realized it and cajoles her back to the car!

May not be an out of the world locale .... But a very good one to spend a couple of relaxing hours... if you are with a group of good would be lot of fun, for sure...!

This concludes Talakad....But I am not done yet with this series...See you with yet another part soon..!

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  1. Very interesting again!
    Are you saying that these large round "baskets" are in fact boats?

  2. Thanks DeeBee. Yes..they are indian coracles. For more detailed info please see this link

  3. Delightful as always! Fun, wonderful captures! Looking forward to the next set!! Hope you have a wonderful day, Sridharan!


  4. Quite relaxing and a fun place, it seems!

  5. Thanks Sylvia..

    Thanks Arti..We had some fun for a while there.!


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