Friday, March 11, 2011

Mysore and around Part 11 Talakad - Journey through the Sands

Date of Visit : Feb,12-2011

30 temples buried in sand ... and only a few 3 or 4 excavated.. Interesting..!
One has to tread a long walk on the sand (about 3 kms) to see these temples. Walking all the way on sand is kind of difficult, but the scenery keeps you engaged all the way through!

I was expecting ..huge temples..!
Pathaleshwara Temple

We are off to the next temple......(below)

I can't read Kannanda...The name board of the next Eashwara temple..below...which is also somewhat similar to the first one..

The next , the last!, is an Amman Temple is just half a km away from this temple..

Here it is..!

The main deity is just under a small cave formed by a rock..and one has to bow down to get into the main sanctum..

We were told this to be the last temple and asked to go further...

we realized we almost took a circle..we crossed  the back side of this temple that we encountered as the very first temple.. 

Seeing these kids play..we got reminded of Kaveri and visited the river next..

An elementary School

Do you realize we made a perfect round...this is the temple that we started with..(previous post!)

Will catch up with Kaveri river in the next post....!

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  1. I do so look forward to your photo tours each morning, Sridharan! Superb captures and fascinating history and lovely to see you and your family enjoying such a wonderful adventure together!! The best of all! Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Thanks Sylvia..You too have a great weekend!


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