Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mysore and around Part 13 Somnathpur

Date of Visit : 12-Feb-2011

Somnathpur is at 35kms from Mysore.This yet another Hoysala marvel was built in 1268CE by the Hoysala Commander Somnath after whom is the temple and the village named. The temple is in the care of theArcheological Survey of India as a protected heritage site. The architecture and carvings here are reminiscent of Halebid.

For more details consult wikipedia.
I almost skipped this temple due to paucity of time and lack of energy with my fellow travelers.. Whom I goaded into making a whirlwind stop over at Somnathpur on our return from Belur.. I am glad I did so! Wonderful temple..worth visiting once again..! 

Let's take a virtual tour.

He can't be out of action even for a minute..!

Some repair work by ASI is still happening

Sculpting by invaders!

Reminiscent of Halebidu

Believe me this is not Halebid.!

The interior too is reminiscent of Halebid.!

I am running out of adjectives to praise the Amazing & Awesome Hoysala Architecuture...

The whole set of PHOTOS

If you want to watch the above PHOTOS as a musical slideshow, here it is..!


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  1. Beautiful shots of the temple. I had visited this wonder in stone long time back.

  2. I've run out of words to properly express the awe that your photos create! So much exquisite beauty! Always love your tours to these incredible places that I'll never be able to visit in person -- but your captures and words are the next best thing! Thank you, as always, Sridharan! May you have a wonderful week!


  3. Thanks Rajesh..Wonder-in-stone, I like the adjective..!

  4. Thanks Sylvia for your kind words...this place is incredible indeed. As said in my post, I would not mind visiting this place and Halebidu again!

  5. This temple is complete in all architectural point of view when considered to Halebidu . wonderfully captured this temple

  6. Stunning architecture and photos. Loved the sculpture of Krishna - absolutely marvellous! I imagine you must have had a great time shooting these.

  7. Awesome pictures, How many years would have gone into carving this sculptures. Many pic. resemble Halebid.
    I think I have missed your earlier posts, Had taken a break Sridharan, hope to get back to normal schedule soon.

  8. Thanks Ash..We did have a great time out there.. more so me..because, I didn't expect Somnathpur to be this good!

  9. Great to have you back after the break Chitra..! Hope to see some posts soon!. Somnathpur resembles Halebid in many ways-Architecture,sculpting style,interior... So marvelous a place that one could spend a full day on this temple alone!


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