Saturday, December 25, 2010

Prasanthi Nilayam - Heaven on Earth...Part 3 - Prasanthi Nilayam Ashram

Having comfortably checked-in to the accommodation and taken a refreshing bath, Aren't we raring to get out into the streets.. Yes..! Let's head to The happening Place..The Prasanthi Ashram..!

Prasanthi ashram was decorated with beautiful Garlands,colorful delicate Flowers,other items of dazzling bright colors.. Decorated arches welcome you in all the inner roads..People are seen everywhere like bees...making the Carnivel atomosphere grand..! Cameras are not allowed inside the ashram in some places like the Dharshan Hall. I don't normally carry my camera inside the ashram. But this time, the pictures were allowed inside in places where there were temporary exhibits. There were prototypes of famous Hindu Temples like Mahabaleshwar Temple, Nasik Triyambageshwar temple, Manipur Krishna Temple, Delhi Jama Masjid, Sri Rangam Temple. There was also a huge towering light Garland  near the Food Pavilion that was dazzling with bright colors in the night. It was a sight to behold. Cameras were allowed at these spots and I captured all these in Photos and Short videos (given below).

I took my food almost all the days here. I din't have to wait in a queue on any occasion.. I was awe strukck by the impeccable arrangements for an occasion of such a gigantic proportion.

Click here to see what happens in the Kitchen..!
Click here to see what happens inside the Kitchen .
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Come let's take a stroll inside the Ashram....!

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There was a huge shed put-up for Food Pavilion with a partition segregating the sections for Ladies and Gents separately.
So many counters are lined up and I hardly had to wait for even a minute in the queue...There was separate spaces for people who want to sit and eat and separate enclosure for people who eat the buffet standing..!
Volunteers with water cans at their back were present amidst the people and served water in their place.You don't have to walk across to fetch a glass of water.
The lunch everyday invariably had a sweet item in it.. !
Consistant Delecious Food-Impeccable arrangements...! Wow..Unforgettable experience..!.

Food Pavilion and the lighting arrangement near it

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Don't miss the Night time view of the Lighting tower in the second part in the video below..!

Time to move on....Let's get to one of the most interesting monuments - Karpagavritcham NEXT >> 


  1. The lighting is awesome.You did quite a job , all this needs loads of patience.

  2. Thanks Chitra.. I also liked the lighting tower... Patience... not really, it was just a 3 min video...(lol!).


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