Saturday, December 25, 2010

Prasanthi Nilayam - Heaven on Earth...Part 2 Railway Station

Board the Train to Puttaparthi
Let's board the Prasanthi express , peep thru the windows of the compartment...and enjoy the scenery for a will be four hours before we reach our destination..!

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Here we go.. Time to alight ....Gather your luggage- Make sure you've not left any of your belongings behind  in the compartment..This train goes upto Guntur..So tough to retrive things left behind..!

Prasanthi Nilayam Railway station

The entire village (not any more..It is a town with all facilities of a city!) wore a festive look and the colors of carnivel has started from the railway station itself.  Fresh paintings, Placards and Hoardings of Sayings of Sathya Sai and text from Scriptures & Sarva Dharma Embum add to the festivity and infuse a subtle and soft breeze of in-explicable Joy in the mind..!

I reached the station by about 1pm and was very hungry. Hurried to catch an auto to reach a restaurant in the town as soon as possible...I was pleasantly suprised to be greeted outside the building with sumptuous, tasty and free lunch ..served under huge shamianas..! (that you can see in the photographs below).

I must add that FREE food -3 times a day-Tea/Coffee/Milk in the morning and Evening-were served to all visitors between 15-Nov till 24-Nov inside the ashram There was an estimated figure of in excess of about 10 Lakh during this season and the the kitchen was cooking an estimated quantity of 30000 to 50000 per day ..! Click here for more details on this.

You will come across further details and pictures  about the Food Pavilion and related information in my other post later.

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Enough of loitering around the Railway Station...Let's Move on..Shall We...?.. Next >>

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