Saturday, December 25, 2010

Prasanthi Nilayam - Heaven on Earth...Part 4 - Karpaga Vritcham

The above tree known as Karpaga Vritcham is on a small hillock near Chitravathi Rivar. This is at a  walkable distance from the Ashram.
Karpaga Vritcham is supposed to be a divine tree that has powers to bestow anything that is asked for.
Sri Sathya Sai baba is said to have materialized different type of fruits from this tree as per wishes of his school friends.
People believe that any wish written on a paper and tied to the branches of this tree will be fulfilled..Hence the   the leaves have given way to sheets of paper...!
Though steep , if you persevere the short climb,, you can have a breath taking view of the whole town from the hillock.Hill View stadium,School building,Chaitanya Jothi Museum, Sathya Sai University building all can be surveyed from above.. Photos and videos cover this.

Come let's climb the steps...there are colorful shops en-route...that will keep us going...! Here we go...!

Puttaparthy View from Karpaga Vritcham Hill

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Wow.. Isn't it worth the climb..Ok..Let's get to our next destination..Chaitanya elaborate Museum of Hindu Culture..!  NEXT >>   


  1. So much greenery around a nice view from the top. The Karpaga vrichasm is interesting.I could find some foreigners also with paper in hand. Hope everybody's wishes get fulfilled.
    The photos of the shops are v. colourful

  2. Yes.. Who doesn't have wishes.. There are so many foriegners that sometimes they even outnumber indians..! I used to admire their sincerity and seriousness when they believe in something...! Lot to learn from them..


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