Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Our tour almost started from Ujjain. Pilgrims from all over India took their own mode of conveyance like Train , Flight and assembled in Ujjain from where the Kinchitkaram trust took over. All arrangements for transportation, Bus, food and sight seeing have been taken care of by the organizers.
Its quite a task to manage 2000+ Pilgrims, but was done well.,

Ujjain , situated on the banks of river Shopra is part of Madhya Pradesh state. It is one of the seven Mukthiki sthalams, the other six being Ayodhya,Mathura, Hardwar, Dhwaraka, Kaasi,Kaanchi.

One of the Jyothir Lingas is enshrined in the Maha Kaleswar temple this place.

This is also one the four place where Kumbh mela takes place one in 12 years, the others being
Nasik, Hardhwar, Allahabad.

The ashram of Shanthibini , guru of Sri Krishna is also situated in Ujjain.

Click here for a beautiful video giving further details of Ujjain.

Now a virtual tour of Ujjain.

 This is where we stayed

 Shipra River

 Discourse on the banks of Shipra River

Believe me I am also listening to the discourse..

 I don't remember which temple it is..

 On our way to Maha Kaleshwar

No cameras inside Maha Kaleshwar Temple

The group is ready to leave for the next place; waiting to board the bus

For those who can read Tamil follow the link ->
ஸ்ரீ ராமானுஜ அநு யாத்ரா 2016