Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mysore and around Part 9 Shravanabelagola Gomateswar Temple

Date of Visit 12-Feb-2011

This famous Jain temple in Karnataka has the world's tallest monolithic statue (of Gomateshwara) and   dates back to 978-993 AD according to wikipedia. This 55ft statue of Gomateshwara is visible from 30kms.

Read more of Shravanabelagola from wikipedia here.

The temple is atop a hillock ( looks a huge rock rather!). The 600 steps one takes to reach the top are so steep that people with vertigo may find it troublesome! The view from the top is stunning though!

I read from the net that every 12 years, the monolith is anointed with 1008 pots of sacred water, milk, and flowers. Wow..that would be a sight ..isn't it?. This ritual called Mahamasthakabhisheka is scheduled to happen next in 2018.!  Mark your calender !

2018 is still long way off, till then looking at some photos of this great place wouldn't hurt..!

Can you see the beeline of people treading the snake path

I thought will visit this temple on my return journey.. But did not have the energy..!
It was so windy that it can easily put you off balance.!
Most distinguished pilgrim of the day!

Waiting anxiously for his friend!

The declination is kind of scary!

I was glad.. I thought I reached the top..only to realize there is one more top at the top! Getting to the top is not really easy..(lol)!
What is seen in the background is the temple of Adhinath and Neminath - important Jain Theerthangars

The two staged temple complex contains the idols of some important Jain Theerthangaras Adhinatha (First theerthangara) and Neminatha (22nd theerthangara). There are no artificial lighting in this temple and viewing the idols inside the dark sanctum sanctorum under oil lamp is really awesome!

Adinath- The first Theerthangar.. (I hate to use flash..but I had to for this..the ambient light is too low)

The view from here is simply awesome!

My family was sitting and enjoying the cool breeze while I was having a blast with my Digicam!
Steps to the second stage starts from this mandapam

Scripts on the rock are protected by the mica sheets

Here we go..let's climb up to see Gomateshwar

We are almost there..the back-lighting spoiled the grandeur of the above shot

One more set of steps!

I hope this is final!

Yes..It is..Here is the Head of famous & 55 ft tall Gomateshwara.!

Enter this are in..!

Awesome .. Isn't it?

Every thing looks tiny against the backdrop of Gomateshwara statue!

Idols of all the 24 Theerthangaras are in this corridor going round the Gomateshwar Statue

Not easy ..just to photograph this...How would it have been to sculpt this..!

Well..That was only a fraction ... Here is the full set of Photos


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