Monday, March 7, 2011

Mysore and around Part 8 Belur

Date of Visit : 11-Feb-11

Belur, built in 1116 AD, boasts of the spectacular Chennakeshava temple which is believed to have taken over 103 years to build.! Belur & Halebidu truly present some of the best and most refined Hindu art and architecture.I read from the internet that " each of the 42 ''madanikas'' or celestial dancers carved here are believed to have been inspired by Hoysala Queen Shantala Devi, the epitome of beauty. Such was the wizardry of the Hoysala sculptors that the earrings on the lobes of the dancers rotate and water-droplets appear to be clinging to their hair".

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Let me not constrain your imagination by my mundane description.. Make your own judgement of this yet another Hoysala master piece....You are sure to get enchanted with this temple , when you visit it next and till then....enjoy these pictures...!

Spacious walk-about provides an excellent ambiance..

Are these Gold?

He was in a very happy conversation with someone..!

One can ever be sitting here admiring the beauty of this temple..

Complete set of PHOTOS (Warning ..150+ !)

VIDEOS ( Warning 7 Videos...a little patience pays rich dividend..!)

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