Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mysore and around Part 14 Sivasamudram

Date of Visit : 12-Feb-2011

About 65kms, East of Mysore, you will find the tiny island town of Shivasamudram in Mandya district.

The following facts gleaned from the internet makes an interesting reading...
"Monsoon season(during the month of July and August makes thiswaterfall swell to enormous proportion, when the river Kabini floods along with Cauvery creating a waterfall perhaps a thousand feet wide. The Hydro electric power stations is the first of its kind in Asia, in 1902, is still functional. It was commissioned by the Diwan of Mysore, Sir K Seshadri Iyer. The first town to receive the electricity from this station was Kolar Gold Fields, hence Kolar became the first town in Asia to get hydro electricity. ..."

More details on   Wikipedia here..!

1 pm on 12th day of February - neither right time of the day nor right month of the year to be at Sivasamudram. There was hardly any water flowing....rather trickling down..! Still I tried my best to capture what it looks like..Will try and visit it sometime during July, August to see it in full throttle..

This place is also called Bluff...I don't know who named it so... But, I know for sure, he or she must have visited it during Feb and felt bluffed..!(lol!)

Township starts here..
This should look awesome in winter with water gushing down 

Now you know where from I shot the falls..!

They always gang up against me.. mother & son...be it for a snap or otherwise!

My son cajoled me into posing..saying I look wonderful in that hat.. and later said wonderful in his dictionary means Funny..I agree (lol!!

If looks could kill.!.. I couldn't stay a minute longer ...I followed them to the car!

The Power plant..

This quiet place should be buzzing with activity and crowd in Jul , August..

I am sure, the following videos will give you a very nice perspective..


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