Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jaipur - 2

This is not really a new post. I have updated my earlier post with photographs that I promised will do.
I could lay my hands on the missing photographs. Thanks to Deepak for supplying them from his archive and Thanks to Preeti for insisting on taking copies of each one's snaps at the nick of the moment, just outside the airport on the road side at 2AM in the morning...! Otherwise, we would have lost considerable part of the Jaipur photos that I accidentally deleted.

I added photos of Chokidani,Hawa Mahal,Jantar Mantar,Shopping,City Palace
Added a few photos to Jaipur around..!... Beware some poisonous snake photos in Jaipur Around album..!

In short, excepting Jai Garh fort photos and videos all others have additions..!

Hope you enjoy these additions..! Please link-up to my other post here...!


  1. Even I had visited jaipur this year...
    The pics are just fantastic...
    In the other post the jal mahal looks awesome, I had missed it...
    You have a great blog!!

  2. It is a pity that I could spend only < 24 hrs (8PM to 6PM next day) in that great place.. It has the WOW factor almost in each of its monuments..I bow to those Rajput Kings..Will visit other places some time ..! Thanks for looking Arti.


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