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I visited Jaipur in Jul 2010 and wanted to title this post "Rajasthan" and wait for me to visit other places before giving a shape to this post. I intended this to be a catalyst for the big trip. But, the plan to visit other important places of Rajasthan did not materialize soon. For the fear of forgetting the details of my experience, I am starting to document this post.

Rajasthan is my childhood dream. I always have a fascination for the Rajput Kings in my school days. Who doesn't ?. I used to fantasize fighting on a horse back when I was a kid....
In spite of my having visited New Delhi a couple of times earlier I could not bring myself up to visiting Jaipur. Finally, I made it a point to visit Jaipur during a three week long official trip to Delhi. I visited Jaipur on my return journey from Delhi.

Jaipur is a small city with a number of tourist attractions enough palaces and forts to see for more than a week.Google will spew thousands of pages.
I had only a couple of days and fought hard to choose and see as many places as possible. But could cover only 50%, I guess.

Pink City- True to its name,Jaipur wears Pink all over it. These are a few interesting street shots of the Pink City.
Don't miss some close-up shots of a snake and snake charmer in the following slideshow..!

Highway Motel
This is the interesting highway hotel we had a nice cup of Hot tea..! This is about 70km ahead of Jaipur on the Delhi Jaipur -Highway


Yes...It is me with the Rajasthani Turban inside the dining hall with my friends Deepak and Preeti..
Both of them looked great with the turban..Flip thru the slideshow for their pictures with the turban.. Deepak really has posed great.. I got envious and camouflaged him inside the slideshow..(lol!)..!
Don't miss Preei the Rajasthani Village Girl... inside the slideshow..! Rajasthani Costumes are available for rent inside. There is an instant photographer service also..(not poloroid..! You get a professional print..)

This is very interesting place. A man made Ethinic Rajasthani Village, with all activities in a typical Rajasthani village are mimicked live. We went at about 9pm there and spent a couple of hours. But there is enough to spend a full evening. Cost for food is included in the entry fee that starts at Rs 300/-.There are other classes of food joints for which the cost is more where the crowd is less. I bought the default ticket to enjoy the crowded ambiance.

They have set up live shows of dances,Rope walking, Snake charming ... and the like. There are village shops, temple with priest who does pooja...and many more...! There is also an astrologer sitting under a tree who reads your palm,.. (It is a different matter altogether that his reading of my past was quite contrary to the truth..! My wife tells me ,predictions done during night are not effective..!)
It is a Ministry of Tourism enterprise. Visit their website - for more details. I didn't believe it is a Govt. of India enterprise. They sure have done a fantastic job.
Less said of this novel place is better ...See for yourself.the photos of this great place...!

Chokidani Photos 
Being night shots ,Quality of some shots are less than perfect. But, for sure will bring you the environment of the place..!

Hawa Mahal 

The Hawa Mahal, or the Palace of Winds, is arguably Jaipur’s best-known monument. For one, it is unlike any other Rajput monument – fort, palace or temple. Secondly, it’s a bit too whimsical and delicate, almost like a magical structure from the Arabian Nights. Despite its towering height and length, the Hawa Mahal looks like a light, airy structure which might blow away with the slightest wind. 

Placed right in the middle of the bustling Johari Bazaar, near the Badi Chaupad (the big square), this reddish-pink building made of red sandstone is a constant reminder of Jaipur’s colourful history which refuses to just curl up and  die. 
Alas we could not get inside and see as visitors were not allowed owing to the repair work that was in progress.  An excuse for me to visit this great city again...!

Just to forget the grief of not being able to enter Hawa Mahal ..We did some shopping just in front of Hawa Mahal...! I bought a couple of beautiful Sarees, Rajasthan Wall hangings and Bags.. My wife liked them all..The usual complaint that I paid more was not there this time...We had Preeti to do the bargaining..She is a very good bargainer..She would finish a bargaining session and start another immediately...!

Jantar Mantar - Colossal Observatory 

Jantar Mantar, built between 1728 and 1734, literally means the ‘instruments for measuring the harmony of the heavens’. Jai Singh, the brain behind the grand project, chose stone with marble facing. This was the biggest of all his observatories and the only one built of stone. He used it daily, often with his astronomy gurus Pandit Jagannath and Kewal Ram. In all there are 17 instruments in the Jantar Mantar complex. The function of each instrument is rather complex but serves a particular function where time plays the main theme.
wikipedia holds good amount of details of great monument..!

Click the picture below to have an enlarged view..and details of this observatory as engraved at the site..!

City Palace is near Jantar Mantar..We did not enter the city palace but took a few snaps from outside..!

Jal Mahal - Water Palce

Must see in Jaipur. Visitors are not allowed inside. The palace stands amidst water. 

Jaigarh Fort
I actually wanted to visit Amber fort and landed in this place which turned out to be great. I could not visit the Amber fort. Will have to plan in the next visit.
Whenever Man Singh I (late 16th century) or his successors warred and won gold, silver, jewels and other booty, they hoarded them in the Jaigarh Fort. and they had the loyal Minas to fiercely guard their haul. (In fact, legends tell us that the Minas were such strict guards that they let each new Kachhawaha king to enter only once and pick one single piece for himself from the dazzling pile!) Anyway, all this treasure paid first for building Amber, then Jaipur and for centuries of lavish living. Indian Government officials tried to retrieve whatever was left; they dug the place in 1976 but found nothing. In fact they even drained the three arched water tanks (in a courtyard on the way to the northern end of the fort) in the hope of finding the fortune there. Some say that everything was used up in building Jaipur while others claim that it is still there somewhere.

The dictum of the ancient Hindu scriptures, the Puranas, 'a fort is the strength of a king', must have loomed large in the minds of the Rajputs while building the Jaigarh Fort. The ambitious Jai Singh II then expanded, remodelled and renamed it in 1726. and since this fort never fell in the hands of enemies, it stands almost intact to this day.

Main attractions in this fort are
Huge CanonWeighing 50 tons with an 8m barrel and a trajectory of about 20km, it is said to be the world's largest cannon on wheels.
Seven Storied Divya Burge from where areal view of Jaipur can be had (See the video)
The palace Complex - with public audience hall, Commanders meeting hall, Secret passages for royal escape in case of emergency, beautiful garden  and many more...

Old Amber palace
is at the Jaigarh fort. We did not have time and energy to get into it. But a few photos and a video from outside will give an idea about this palace..

Jaigarh Fort Videos

Jaigarh Fort

Fort Areal View

Commander Meeting Hall

Garden inside the fort - The famous tele serial Sword of Tippu sultan was shot here..

Palace inside the Fort

Old Amber palace at the foothill of Jaipur

As I said earlier there are many more attractions that I could not visit...Hoping to visit this great place again...!
Haven't you packed your bags yet..?

BTW, if you like this post feel free to pass it on to your friends...!


  1. Sridharan,
    Have you changed the title of your blog? Very well covered. Another blogger friend of mine is also posting on Jaipur. see her yestday's photos of Jalmahal.

  2. Why they don't allow people inside jalmahal?.It looks grand.

  3. Thanks for looking chitra..I didn't change the title..What change you are noticing?.
    Jalmahal- I heard for security reasons they are not allowing. I actually zoomed in a little further so that the banks of the lake are outside the frame. The maintenance is pathetic. I understand they used to allow earlier and for security reasons they are not allowing these days..
    I saw your friends pic. Looks nice though I would want to capture finer details and exposure could have been better. Night photography is a different ball game...Sorry I am obsessed with photography.!(lol).

  4. BTW, I've lost good amount of Jaipur photos..accidental deletion.. I am expecting to recover it from one of my friends who copied my photos in his disk. As soon as it happens, I will post the photos. Chokidhani was awesome..I took a number of photos there..

  5. My Goodness, I understand the pun in your question "Have you changed the title of your blog? ".Not yet. I haven't yet visited Rajasthan after this Jaipur Visit...!

  6. Wonderful post. Even for me Rajasthan is a must see place. Your photos of Jaipur are marvelous.

  7. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Rajesh. I am sure every body will feel the same way about this great state. Too much of rich cultural heritage and history to ignore.. I wish I only have more time to keep travelling...!

  8. Sridhar Atimber amazing job...My dad just saw it and loved it totally....He is looking forward to read it sooon:))
    Beautiful piece of work!

  9. Thanks for stopping by Divya. I am happy your dad liked it too.

  10. this is an interesting blog sridharan, you certainly have worked hard on the look and feel of the blog and it shows :)

    would like to read from u as you travel around more and more...

  11. Quite an encouraging comment Siddharth..
    I've stated the intent of this blog in the other page "Why is this blog". In today's context story telling has to be cryptic and concise.People are more intent on facts than the story and your capacity tell one..!In fact Wikipidia contains all one would want to know..! I thought Photographs can best tell the story with a little bit of connection by the poster..! I'm glad you liked it..! and I liked your motivating comments too .. you've made my day...rather night...(lol)! Thanks for looking..!

  12. ya rajasthan is is very attractive tourist shows royalty.there are a lot of place like City Palace, Pichola Lake, Jagdish Temple, Lake Palace, Jag Mandir Palace, Saheliyon - ki-Bari, Fateh Sagar.But Visiting rajasthan by royal train like Palace on Wheels or Royal rajasthan on wheels is really amazing experience.

  13. True Jassica..I have so much of this place to see.. Hope I will find some time to see it in future...!

  14. Sridharan,
    About the title, first I remembered seeing the title only as Sridharan , now I an addition,i.e travelogue, may be I am wrong. Pardnez-moi. :)

    The pictures of snakes scares me,may be they are pictures. I would just run away at the mere mention of them.

    Loved Chokidani and coloured array of clothes in shops.
    The pictures of fort, the garden inside the palces , jal mahal loved all of them. Hawa Mahal pictures are fantastic.For Christmas hols where are you heading to ?

  15. Reg title - I started this post with a statement that I wanted to title this post as Rajasthan. But titled Jaipur since I couldn't visit any other place. I thought you were jokularly asking me if I could change the title to Rajasthan (that if I could visit any more places..!)....haha... English is a beautiful language..Isn't it.
    mmm.. I will daily be heading to office during Christmas holidays excepting during week ends..!(lol).. Not taking holidays.. Thanks for looking Chitra..! I love Jaipur and would want to return to that place sometime..

  16. Sorry Chitra, I didn't intend scaring any one.Should I remove the snake pictures?. Who is not scared of snakes. I was lucky to be with my Super Zoom camera- I could reach it from a distance...

  17. Sridharan,
    You can maintain those pic. There may be readers who would love such things.I visited Kalpathy and Coimbatore. returned yesterday.

  18. Looking forward to your post of your recent trip..!

  19. Yes I agree. Good photographs speak for themselves. But people who lack the photography skills need to write. I am doing it in Hindi telling them about what the South holds for them. By the way can you consider dispensing with word verification for comments? It is an irritant and does not serve any purpose.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. You are being modest PNS. Can I rephrase your sentence something like "People(like me..!) who do not have great writing skills depend on Photos to do the talking".(lol). I guess, we can not dispense with writing completely. I desist repeating info that is already present in abundance in the internet and write more about my experience with that place,instead. But, I really feel writing details is useful and I respect the effort put in by such bloggers.
    For some unique places,where not much of info is present, I add more about the place.
    I have disabled verification of comments now. It has a purpose to prevent spam comments. But let me worry about it when I encounter one.. Till then the check is removed. I concur with is really irritating..! Thanks for pointing it out...!

  22. Aiswaryah Geetha RamanJanuary 14, 2011 at 10:31 PM

    The pixs are absolutely wonderful. It gives me a feeling of having visited all these places by going through your pixs!!!

  23. Thanks Anu. Now that you've seen enough of pictures and Videos, it is time for you folks to actually pack your bags for Jaipur..!

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