Friday, February 21, 2014

Kumbhabhishekam of Kumaran Kunram

A slight detour from my current travel series..!

I happened to visit the Kumbhabhishekam of a nearby Murugan temple Viz. Kumaran Kunram
Click here for details given by wikipedia about this temple.

There was a large  number of turn-out of people from the nearby locale that one could only see a sea of heads for a distance on the street overlooking the temple.

I was carrying a camera that had a long zoom and could get closer to the gopuram. In fact almost I scanned every inch of that gopuram.. ! Thought , you will like the dash of sparkling color of the newly painted statues.

The function was in the morning and I also returned to the temple in the evening to get a closer look. Luckily I was allowed to use the camera in yaga-Shala.These pictures are at the end.

For the whole set of pictures as tiles, please click here.

I went and clicked a few pictures at 8am in the morning,

But the function was at 10:30am am and I went back and returned at 10 am. This is where I could get a place to stand. ! 

I started zooming into the Gopuram..!

This is at the uppermost tier .. quite at the top..!

At last , I found somebody who would capture me in his camera..! (lol)

The crowd has started returning now..It took a while for the crowd to clear..!


Some photos taken in relatively close quarters at 8 AM.

The following are the pictures of Yaga Shala where the rituals took place in the morning

Approaching Yaga Shala ..! Though dimly lit and dark , I just wanted to capture the ambiance..!

Spiritual discourse by Kanchi Sage..

As usual I seek your pardon for the large number of photos..!

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