Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oragadam Kodhanda Ramar Temple

Before visiting the Oragadam Sivan Temple, we visited this small and beautiful Kodhanda Ramar Temple.
This ancient temple (Chola Regime) is well maintained by Ahibila Mutt.

Please refer to Oragadam Sivan Temple post for more details on Oragadam. This trip, I made way back in 2008, I am just posting it now, along with Thirukkazhukundram, near which Oragadam is situated.

When we went, the assistant was cooking Prasadam (food offered to God)  in the kitchen.He came out to tell us that the Priest would come in about half an hour and asked us to wait. It suited me and I freaked around the temple with my digicam..My wife found a nice place to sit and wait for our (me and Priest..!) return ..!

Come along with me to just go round the temple...! Don't you worry, the walk will only be short as this site is not huge..!

The lush green lawn and the small garden ...!

The priest has now come..!

We went inside and had dharshan of the beautiful Lord Rama. The priest insisted on us waiting for some more time and have the Prasadham that was being cooked. The flavour of the cooking Prasadham was too tempting for me to refuse ..In the meanwhile, the priest invited us to his nearby house, a traditional one, with the tiles that are not seen these days.. ! He permitted me a few snaps ..! The house was in the street with the backdrop of a beautiful hill..!

We spent some time in the house before we returned to the temple and participated in the Pooja and part took some delicious Prasadham .

Full Set of Photos


After this we proceeded to the Sivan Temple...Vaadaamalleeswarar Temple on a small Hillock...of which I wrote already. Click here to get to it.