Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oragadam Sivan Temple

Oragadam is on the 7th Km on Chengalpattu Thirukkazhukundram Road. Chengalpattu is about 30km from Tambaram Chennai.

I visited this place in Sep 2008. I just got reminded of it when I visited Thirukkazhukundram and thought a post along with it would help anybody visiting Thirukkazhukundram to see if Oragadam can be combined with it too.

Many do not know that there are a couple of beautiful temples in this small Village. There is a Kothanda Ramar temple that I will write about in the next post. There is a Sivan Temple known as Vada Malleeswarar Temple and this post is about it.

This small Sivan temple is built on a small hillock and is located amidst beautiful setting- a huge Banyan tree at the base and a big tank opposite to this banyan tree adds to the serenity. No one could give the history of this temple excepting that this temple is of recent origin.. I guess the main deity should be of ancient origin..!

Thirukkazhukundram Hill temple is visible from the road at the entrance of this village..!

The village is picturesque and full of greenery..!

Don't miss the video 3 minute video at the end..!

This temple has Sivan-Vadamalleeswarar Sannidhi and Amrudhavalleeswari sannidhi adjacent to each other.

There is a huge Sivan Statue in sitting posture on a small rock seat and a small Sannidhi for Tamil poet saints Thirunavukkarasar,Sundarar,Thirugnana Sambandhar and Manicka vachakar next to it.

The priest visits this temple early in the morning and performs pooja and again visits it in the evening. It was well past his time when we visited the temple. We were all alone here and enjoyed the serenity and natural setting of this temple..!

Lord Siva-The annihilator

Vadamalleeswarar Sannidhi

There are small statues for other deities on the wall of the main Sannidhi..
Vinayaga-The Primal God

Dhakshinamurthy-The Lord of Knowledge

Maha Vishnu-The Sustainer

Brahma-The creator

The Gopuram of the Ramar Temple as seen from top of the Hill...!

On our return journey, we noticed a few children having fun at a huge well in midst of the paddy fields. We stopped by and walked straight towards the Well..! I clicked a few snaps...!

I asked these kids to jump in unison and was able to catch them before they parted their hold after a couple of trials..!

Don't miss further photos and a small video clip of the jumping into the well...!

 I just stopped at the entrance of the village and shot a short video of 360 degree view that is at the beginning of this clip.

Well Jumping


  1. Beautiful place for the temple. The surroundings are picturesque. These kids really know how to have fun.

  2. Sridharan,
    Loved all the photos especially the video of the village well where kids are having a rollicking time.

  3. I especially like the images of the kids jumping into water :)

  4. TGS, Thanks for stopping by.. it was a small but cute temple I liked too.

  5. Rajesh, Yeh.. I too felt like joining them..If only I knew swimming...Sigh...!

  6. Chitra - True rollicking is the right phrase.. the kids were enjoying while I was envying ..!

  7. Siddhartha ,
    It was my favourite, I was happy to see the scene transpire into the way I wanted.

  8. It is very nice photographs and videos. I enjoyed it
    S.V.Mohan, New Perungalathur

  9. Do you have the contact number of the priest?

    1. Sorry, I do not have. I shall try & get and Will post here when I get it.


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