Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mamallapuram Part 11:Street Shots

Well..the Mamallapuram story is coming to an end with this episode..! With this 11th part. It has taken more than Dasavatar..!
You will always find some interesting stuff strolling through any street..some thing like this one below..!
Miniaturization and Portability is the theme of this decade..isn't it?

You can buy Gods here too..!

Real street shots..!

I like his tattoos..How about you?

An attractive old painting in one of the restaurants- A scene from Kalki's Parthibhan Kanavu

An attractive small bridge over the back waters of Bay of Bengal...that you need to cross to enter the town..
More Street Shots

Well .. it is time to end this series...! Let's part with a glimpse of the monuments of this great place that we have seen so far..!

Kudos to Pallavas..! Take a second to Salute them.. and their unfathomable Skill & Vision..!

Pallava King Narasimha Varman 
Hope to see you in another series soon..!


  1. Wonderful photos - I thoroughly enjoyed these series! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Great ending ,enjoyed the virtual tour , tattoo is amazing

  3. What a marvelous tour through a part of your wonderful country! So colorful, historical, beautiful and I have enjoyed it so very much! Your photographs are fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing these with us. I hope you will take us on another one soon!! Hope your week is going well, Sridharan!


  4. Very nice street photos, very colourful, a lot of tourist stuff as everywhere now but still very attractive and...i like the portable loo!!
    That was a nice series and i enjoyed it very much, thank you for introducing us to this splendid indian heritage!

  5. Thanks Ash,TGS,Sylvia & DeeBee..!
    I too enjoyed brining these monuments. Though a number of them are already seen by many of us, Repetitive viewing of the photos of these great sculptures is never boring... I love this group of fellow bloggers not only for the motivating comments, but also for all their diverse & fabulous blogs as well..!

  6. Wonderful shots. Looks like you spent lot of time here. But it is worth.

  7. Thanks Rajesh.. Not really, Mamallapuram is an hour and half hr drive from my place and I made two half a day visits over a couple of week ends.


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