Monday, February 21, 2011

Mamallapuram Part 10 : Sculpture Shoppe

If you are not satisfied with all the sculptures you saw every where in Mamallapuram, you can take a stroll past the main road and streets (!) . This is what you will end up seeing..! Every nook carries some sort of idol or sculpture..all interesting ..!

I love Elephants and the Elephant God Ganesha statues.. Who doesn't?

He is majestic..Isn't He?

Well that's not all..! More below..!

A musical rendition of the above Photos...

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  1. just wonderful captures . There a plenty of such shops there .

  2. Beautiful Lord Ganesha idols, so many designs and so intricately carved... Loved the Lord Buddha idols as well...

  3. I agree with you Sridharan, all these sculptures are splendid but the Elephant God Ganesha is great!
    Who buys these scultptures, local believers or tourists?

  4. I love elephants, too, and Ganesha is terrific as are all your photos!! What a fun tour to start my day, Sridharan! Your posts are always such a delight and I do look forward to them! Hope your week is off to a great start! Have a lovely evening!


  5. Thanks TGS...The town is inside these shops rather..(lol)!

    Thanks Arti, Outstanding workmanship indeed..These people should be from the lineage that carved mamallapuram of Pallava days..!

    Dee Bee L, Some tourists buy these. There is a good market for such items with locals too, especially for temples and for other commercial places like Hotels,Office Buildings and the likes.

    Thanks Sylvia, Have a nice day!

  6. Liked your snapshots..
    Is it not interesting that these snippets also reveal the commercial trend in these areas: Andhra-style wooden figurines, Orissa-style cloth hangings..

  7. Beautiful sculptures. I love seeing Lord Ganesh in all forms.

  8. ? - Thanks for stopping by..Yes..they are all for sale and cater to all kinds of interest.. an interesting observation you made.

    Thanks Rajesh, I guess Ganesha is the most popular of the Indian Gods..

  9. Sridharan,
    Nice collection of photos. I admire your patience.

  10. Thanks Chitra...Those idols were interesting to look at on the streets and with interest comes patience...actually, they were all clicked on my way back from the pancha pandava rathams and I didn't have to look for them and shoot.

  11. Hey Sridharan,
    I am new to your blog and came here by chance.
    Now am totally in love with your blog.
    Nice to see that you've taken 10 parts to cover Mahabalipuram. I covered in 3 parts in my blog.
    Do visit my blog and follow if you like.. :)
    My Travelogue

  12. Bhushavai, Thanks for stopping by. I visited your blog and like your fantastic blog and am following it too..


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