Friday, February 18, 2011

Mamallapuram Part 9 Tiger Cave

It is 4 Km north of the main monument complex. It was built as an open-air theatre, where cultural programmers were held during the Pallava period. The beach is walkable from this monument.
The usual grandeur of Pallava architecture can be seen in the Tiger cave - a cave temple that has carved heads of Yali that resembles tiger head, which also gives it the name Yali Mandapam.

This monument too is under the control ASI ( Archeological Society of India) and is well maintained.

There is also a beautifully set Shiva Temple and other than these two, there is nothing else and hence I guess, there are not many visitors to this place and I enjoyed the consequent peace sitting on a rock for sometime, before these school Kids buzzed in .It was a treat to watch these kids enjoy themselves freely..!

Set in the background of sprawling area, there is no dearth of parking space here. I took a bus from Mahabalipuram though... there are many buses that ply via this monument..

The naturally formed rocks themselves look artistic here and gives an artistic background to this entire place.

These Kids followed me to the Shiva Temple as well and kept good company with me..!

While this boy was preparing to enter the temple, his friends found something more interesting to spend time on..!

I was too engrossed  watching these kids play that I completely forgot...Here we go to the Shiva Temple.!

It is customary to whisper your wishes in the ear of the Nandhi who in turn will pass it on to Lord Shiva on our behalf with his recommendation..These girls seem to be well informed. The boy is waiting patiently for his turn..!

 It was well worth my couple of hours that I spent there.. I had the nice company of these kids too..!

Full Set of Photos below



  1. Fantastic as always! And being a former teacher, as well as a parent, I loved all the children and can understand your getting fascinated with them -- so did I through your marvelous photos. Thank you for another incredible visit to your country through the magic of photography. Have a wonderful weekend, Sridharan!


  2. The kids' pictures are the best...nice captures :)

  3. Fascinating area and I love those kids' faces.

  4. Beautiful monument and it is so nice to see children climbing them.
    We have to protect our heritage of course from any vandalism or just because they are too precious but we have to make sure we don’t treat it as a “static museum” with a lot of “don’t touch” notices all over the place, as in the end it puts people off.
    It’s great when cultural heritage is part of our everyday life, that why we enjoy watching these kids having fun among “old stones”!
    Superb photos and amazing rock formations as well.Thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful... The kids seem to be having a great time, so do you!!!
    And why not, when the place is so nice everyone will surely love it!!!

  6. Thanks Sylvia, Kids are ever enchanting,You too have a great week end.

    Siddhartha , I too like the Kid pictures. thanks for looking and commenting

    Thanks Hilary

    DeeBee, an interesting point that I noticed only after you pointed out. The kids were never controlled by the authorities at the monument. They were kind of minded by their teachers though..!

    True Arti, I had a great time watching the Kids and photographing them.. Some of them were thrilled at seeing their faces in the camera LCD..!

  7. Lovely photos , The only place in Mahabalipura , i failed to Visit . may be next for sure

  8. Love the pictures of kids playing...How fresh and playful they are. Thanks for bringing us these pics. Haven't seen this place. Are you busy? haven't seen you for long.

  9. Thanks for looking Chitra.. This place is 4 kms ahead of Mahabalipuram on the ECR. The locality is Saluvankuppam village. I have been out of station visiting Mysore and a few places around it (Belur,Halebid..etc) between 10-14th and kind of busy thereafter with work..

  10. Beautiful shots of the cave. I could not gop near it, as it was surroubded by water.

  11. Thanks Rajesh...Even that would have been quite a sight.. the cave emerging from the pool of water..!


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