Monday, November 15, 2010


This place is on my list for quite sometime. Though it is quite close to Tambaram , I have not been able to visit this place. Finally , I pulled myself up to get to this place last Saturday - 13 Nov 2010.

Sundaravaradar temple is very famous here. A very beautiful temple and more beautiful idols of Lord Vishnu can be seen here. This temple is believed to have been built in 8th Century AD by Pallava King Nandhi Varman.
A very special information about this temple is that there are two more stories right on top of the main shrine Sundara Varadhar where Lord Vishnu is in Kidandha Kolam (Lying down posture as Ranganathar) and Irundha Kolam (Sitting Posture). Both these idols are exquisite..!There is a stair in the main shrine of Sundara Varadhar.

There are also a few more Varadhars that you can see when you go round the main shrine..!
  • Vaikunta Varadar provided darshan to DharmaRaja
  • Sundara Varadar - to Bheema
  • Achuta Varadar - to Arjuna
  • Aniruddha Varadar provided darshan to Nakula
  • Kalyana Varadar provided darshan to Sahadeva

A nice Subramanyaswamy temple is situated quite near  Sundaravaradhar temple. I understand from the locals that it is quite an old temple..

Vaikuntanatha Perumal temple is situated just adjascent to the bus stand. A small temple that is visible from the road..This temple is maintained by ASI. There are inscriptions on the wall of the temple about the election process that was followed in Chola Days.. !

A few other temples around Uthiramerur is due for a visit... Hope to visit them soon and post a few Pics..!


  1. I liked the tower of Sundara varadhar a lot. You have captured it well. I think this is one among the 108 divya desams of Vishnu. keep sharing. May be when I visit Chennai I will visit these temples too.

    Will be away for 2 weeks. I shall come and see all your

  2. The temple tower and two stories Garbhagriham are great looking..
    This is not a Divya Desam... It surprises me too..!

  3. BTW, Have a nice trip..if you are on a tour.. TC you too..
    Thanks for looking Chitra..

  4. beautiful temple this type of temple is vaikundaperumal at kanchipuram [only ground and two floors, three positions,ninran,kidandhan amarndhan] this type of another temple astalakshmi
    temple chennai[newly construced]


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