Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thooppul Deepa Prakasar and Vedantha Desikar Temple

Date of visit: 6-Nov-2010

Where (Location):

This temple is located at Chinna Kanchipuram or Vishnu Kanchi. 

What is special about this place :
  • Ancient and finds mention in Puranas
  • One of the 108 Divya Desam
  • Vedantha Desikar-Vaishnavait Guru- Sannidhi
  • This is where Vedantha Desikar's mother conceived Desikar (an amsam of the bell..!) and the bell at Thiru malai - Thirupathi is said to have vanished from then. Even today, Thirumala temple does not have a bell (hand bell..) to connote this incidence.
Camera : Allowed outside the main Sanndadhi.

What did I like of this place : 
  • The spiritual significance of this place
  • Beautiful Deikar Sannadhi. The Mandapam very good.. The Unique and elegant looking stone grill at the roof of the mandapam..

Rating : Very Good..!

Note on the Rating :
The rating is in my opinion and may vary from person to person. The factors that I consider for my rating includes being ancient, architecture/Sculpture, Serenity of the place, Spiritual significance (reference in scriptures…etc), Enormity /Size/Magnitude.

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  1. Good pictures. Haven't heard about this temple.

  2. Very ancient temple. The desikar shrine ( temple of its own) is beautiful and elegant.


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