Monday, November 15, 2010


Date of visit: 13-Nov-2010

Where (Location):

This temple is located in Big Kanchipuram near market. Autos are aplenty to reach this place from the bus stand..

What is special about this place :
  • Ancient and finds mention in Puranas
  • Thirukkurippu thondar attained Mukthi in this place. He has a vow of cleaning the clothes of Sivanadiar (Devotee of Lord Siva) each day. One day, owing to rain, the clothes did not dry and he could not accomplish his vow. He tried to bang his head on the Sivalingam to kill himself. The hand of Lord Siva appeared from the Lingam and stopped him. This scene is sculpted on the wall and I have snapped in on my camera..This story is well covered in the Tamil Movie "Thiruvarutselvar".
Camera : Allowed outside the main Sanndadhi.

What did I like of this place : 

  • The story attached to this temple
  • Rating : Very Good..!

Note on the Rating :
The rating is in my opinion and may vary from person to person. The factors that I consider for my rating includes being ancient, architecture/Sculpture, Serenity of the place, Spiritual significance (reference in scriptures…etc), Enormity /Size/Magnitude.

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  1. Good you described the story . But this temple looks clean.


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