When I first sat to conceive the design of the blog, I started to prepare a checklist of what a typical travel blog should contain. then see, if any of these is not available in the present sources on internet. Can I say that there was no item left in the checklist that was unchecked..I am not surprised at all... this is the power of internet. Thanks to Wikipidia and numerous Travel Bloggers ...!

Before I visit any place, I try to see, if I can view a few photographs of the place to get a feel of the place and see if I would like the place.While we get numerous photos of popular spots, we get very few about not so popular spots. Even for the popular ones, thesame  photographs are  repeated across all sources.

Many places that are popular, I used to find them not so interesting or not matching my taste. I used to muse, if only I had seen a few more photos or vidoes of this place...! This probably may be the case with many of us.

So providing as many photographs as possible could be something that could be useful, I thought.This could help one choose or ignore visiting the place ...Atleast this could help prioritize our trips...!

So you will find  in my posts,more often my camera doing the talking rather than myself..

Someone said a photograph is worth 1000 words...! Beware you may find 1000s of 1000 words in each of my posts...!

Hope you like these posts....As with any other  blogger, I would love your comments, be it a pat on the back or a constructive punch on the face for further improvement.

Thanks for visitng my Blog...!