Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tirupati miscellany

It is quite long since I wrote a post owing to other occupations. But had been viewing most your exciting posts..This last post concludes my Tirupati trip for now..!

Free bus service on the hills provide a very good entertainment..I Had several interesting trips just like that.. Good time pass...

There are plenty of  TTD cottages available on Tirupati Hills, But always look barely able to meet the demand..!
This one where we stayed was facing some dense woods and set against somewhat scenic backdrop.!

One sees Lord Venkateswara's photos every where in Tirupati
His eyes lit-up , seeing the locals playing a game of volley ball, and my son got into the ground to play a game himself...

After entertaining himself with a game of volley ball.. this is where he headed straight  for....

One of the number of Free Meal Halls ..Serving delicious south indian meal.. 

Well time to get back home..!

Hope you enjoyed this series..Hope to see you again soon (!) ..with another travel episode!


  1. What a fun trip and even more fun for me was seeing your lovely family enjoying an outing together, Sridharan!! Thanks for sharing the fun! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!!

  2. Charming images from Tirupati. Loved those beautiful orange buses. Haven't taken a trip to Tirupati for almost 10 years. Time to plan one soon. Have a great weekend Sridharan Sir.

  3. That bus is amazing, never seen anything like it. You take some wonderful photos!

    Hope you check out my budget travel blog soon :)

  4. Wonderful set of assorted images. Looks like you had real fun time.

  5. Welcome my friend!
    Very nice pictures!!!
    Lovely family, wonderful bus, colors, everythink!!!
    Many greetings to all family!

  6. I missed thgis wonderful post with excellent photographs. The bus (its head) reminds of buses of the past when they used to run on Coal Gas.

  7. Simply a wonderful journey.

  8. Beautiful photographs. The Bus particularly its front reminds of the old days when they used to run on Charcoal Gas.


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