Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tirupathi Street shots

A Very happy New all...!
I guess, my tirupathi posts will continue in 2013 as well..! (lol)

A newly wedded couple

A Whole sale News agent...


  1. Superb pics of Tirupati and nice portraits of your wonderful family. Gives me a feeling of being physically transported to Tirupati.Wishing you and your family a warm,wonderful,happy, prosperous & peaceful New Year 2013.

  2. Lovely set of pics . Thank you and wish u aqnd your family the same .

  3. I always love the photos of you and your family, Sridharan!! And what a wonderful tour you've taken us on!! The next best thing to be there myself! Wishing you and your family a very wonderful and prosperous Happy New Year!!


  4. Sridharan sir

    How are you. Wish you a Happy New Year 2013.

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    Sridharan sir once again Wish You A Happy New Year 2013 to you and your family members.

  5. Congratulations my dear friend for so wonderful family!!!
    Your photos are very nice!!!
    I wish you a happy new year and blessimh to your family!

  6. Happy New Year to you too!
    Great sights captured.

  7. Hapy new year Sridhar,
    I also visited Tirupati in the 2nd week of Dec,

  8. lovely series of photoblogs on tirupati. looking forward to more! have a wonderful year ahead!

  9. interesting series of shots Sridhar

  10. A happy and successful Year 2013 to you Sridharan and thank you for your kind comment and welcome back!
    Always a pleasure stopping by your travelogue and check what's new, great shots as usual and interesting places for us to discover. Keep well Dee :-)

  11. Absolutely delightful coverage of the temple and around. God willing, I wish to make it here sometime this year!

    Belated happy new year to your family, sir. Keep Blogging :)

  12. Nice to see these pictures. I haven't been to Thirupathi; just heard a whole lot about this religious destination :)

  13. A Hello from another temple town that featured in your blog previously.

    We have just set up a facebook page for love of Mahabalipuram! Please like and share! And let us know if you want to contribute as well and I will provide you admin rights.

    Hope to see you on there and be in touch!

    I Love Mahabalipuram Admin

  14. Many thanks my friend for so kind comment!
    Many greetings to all your family!

  15. Stopping by to say hello. I've missed your travelogue posts.


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