Friday, March 16, 2012

Tirupathi - ISKCON Temple

Hi All , Nice to be able to get back with my first post of 2012..! But it still will be of my visit last year...Dec 2011 to be precise..I have been a little too tied up with my work and found time only to read most of , if not all, your beautiful posts and did not find enough time to post any of my own.I do not regret, for it was a blessing in disguise as I could just sit and read your posts and enjoy them without the burden of posting..!(lol).

But it really feels great to share something with all.. This post , rather a small series of posts will be about my trip to Tirupathi.
You will encounter ,humpteen posts and tons of data if you type the word Tirupathi and google it.
Just a short intro can be found in wikipedia here, if you want.

Now for some photos of  in-and-around Tirupathi.

Many have not been able to visit ISKCON tirupathi. May be out of lack of knowledge or time.. I strongly urge you to make a visit next time you visit Tirupathi... Till then take a photo tour of this marvellous structure below.. I am sure, you will like it

You might find this site giving interesting facts about ISKCON Tirupathi.

Did I tell you , the temple is downhills..!

They are happy to have done some shopping without me...! My wife , Son and his cousin sister

He is definitely not camera shy...!

These are some beautiful wood work.. arrtistic and delightful..!

 I loved thse delecious sweets.. and was happy to have feasted on them liberally..!

Thirupathi is famous for these Laddus .. Isn't it?

WOW.. These were really delicius..! Why don't you pick a few..?

Oh.. I forgot to tell you that the temple has a great restaurant inside the campus..
Good food at reasonable cost.. I enjoyed the good food as well amidst the picturesque setting of Lord Krishna's wonderful pictures..!

Well, I did not realize that these carvings in the shops are not allowed to be captured in a camera..and shot a few before I read the board and stopped clicking..! These are really wonderful art work..!

I promised someone earlier that I would not post more than 25 snaps in a post.. I seemed to have exceeded the limit already...I am sorry once again...and  am sure to apologise many a times in future too..(lol)!

Click here for the full set of photos..!

Let's meet at another location in Tirupathi... Soon...!