Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thiruneermalai - Part 1- Ranganathar Temple

Thiruneermalai is one of the 108 Divya Desams and located near Pallavaram ( 4kms from there), chennai.

There are two temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu. One temple is on the base and another  on top of a hill. Long ago, this hill was surrounded by water when Thirumangai Azhwar visited the shrine. Hence it is called Thiruneermalai. (Neer in tamil means water and malai means mountain) . About 200 steps to climb will be woth the effort..!
Currently, the temple is being renovated. 

Work in progress..!

View of the tank from the hill top..

Lord Vishnu with his consort..

Needs repainting.. I was told it will be re painted..!

Being very near my place of residence, I visit this beautiful , little temple quite frequently. This is how it looked in 2006..!

Not much of changes in the temple..that can't be said of me though..!

Neervanna Perumal temple at the base of the hill...

Full Set of PHOTOS

A few VIDEOS will not be out of place here..!


  1. Another awesome place, Sridharan! I'm so glad it's being restored! The brilliant colors are amazing and so beautiful! I love your taking us on a tour of these places, your posts and photos are definitely the next best thing to being there! Thank you! Have a lovely evening and a great day tomorrow!


  2. This is a very beautifull place, realy. Buldin colors are amazing.



  3. Good pics and I loved the greenery. The temple look bright and colourful but instead of natural dyes they are using plastic paints I think.

  4. Wonterful colored photos !!!!
    I like so much the tank !!!
    The place is very nice !!!

  5. Amazing colors of the temple, nicely captured by you .

  6. Wonderful serene place, it seems! Fabulous pics, I always enjoy my virtual armchair tours here, Thanks so much!

  7. Thanks all for stopping by and nice comments!

  8. Loved the post. The green fields snapshot was beautiful.

  9. Dear Sridharan,
    Thanks for this effort I remember Thiruneermalai Kovil as we used to say in tamil
    in my younger days I was born &rought up just
    behind the kovil in Pammal our family used to visit this temple quite frequently we used walk through our fields to reach the kovil actually my Eldest Uncle had done a lot for this temple he was a devotee of Lord Ranganathar I still remember Bashyam Iyengar who was associated with this kovil staying down the hill in the agraharam


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