Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pon Vilaintha Kalathur Part 4 - Ponpadharkoodam Chaturbhuja Ramar Temple

About 4 Kms from Ponvilantha Kalathur, this small village gets its name from the fact that this place used to be full of golden husk all over. ( Ponpadhar - means golden Tamil).While Golden grains were grown in Ponvilaintha Kalathur, they were threshed and cleaned at Ponpadhar Koodam..!

One has to go past green paddy fields flanked by two lakes to reach this village that houses a cute temple of Chatur Bhuja Ramar. Here Lord Rama is seen with four hands.Hence the name Chatur Bhuja Ramar.!

We come to the concluding part of this series with this episode..!

There is an ancient  Siva temple in Ponvilaintha Kalathur which I could not visit. I believe it was build in Chola period.

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